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Hey everyone!  Well, I think when I shared my "tease" about this room, I thought it would be about a week before I could do my "reveal," & it took every bit of that!  But it's finally finished, well, except for the closet.  I want the closet filled with shelves, but The Man decided it was time to work on his new "Man-Cave" which put my closet on "HOLD!"  I'm okay with that, because I'm so THRILLED with my new space -- craft room, sewing room, scrapbooking/card-making room?  I think it shall be forever named "My Studio!"  Anyhoo, you'd better grab a beverage, prop your feet up, & get ready for photo over-load & lots & lots of COLOR!

Come on in.

The room went from this really bad pinkish lavender to........

Sea Glass by Olympic.  During my planning of this room, I vacillated between keeping the wall color a more neutral to go with the rest of our home, or this color that I've "loved" for years.  This color won out, because I wanted this room to be a truly bright, fun, & creative-inducing space. 

My "master" plan for this space involved lots of Ikea storage & Jetmax cubes (Michael's carries these).  Nothing comes assembled from either place, so I got really acquainted with Mr. Drill.  I now have "drill elbow!"  Don't laugh, it's true!

Welcome!  This room is closest to the kitchen, & I get a peek every time I'm in the area.  Totally makes me smile.  The Man installed a new ceiling fan for me, too -- the original one was hideous!  If you would like to see my studio (aka "My Play Room") in our previous home, go HERE.

I have 9 of the Jetmax cube-storage, & it's the perfect spot for the wireless printer.  Yes, that is my kitchen island -- perfect for this space!

This is my sewing area.  The desk is from Ikea.  The closet shelving that I'm waiting on will be mainly for my fabrics & sewing supplies.

Love this corner desk (Ikea) & my window to the world, well, to the front of our home anyway!  

My scrapping area with another desk & an Expedit (mounted on wall) from Ikea.  The large green boxes are also from Ikea -- very sturdy & only $10/pkg. of 2.

Below the Expedit, I mounted a couple of towel bars (Ikea) to hold my punches.  Back in the corner are my stacking drawer units from my previous Play Room.  I keep lots of scrapbooking supplies in those. 

This is a larger Expedit that is home to lots of my supplies, as well as my finished & unfinished albums.  

I'm lovin' the top of the Expedit for displaying purposes.

A friend gave me this sweet little porcelain sign.  Love the phrase & think it's totally appropriate for all my Blog-Sister!

Before The Man secured this Expedit to the wall, I added an extension cord for use on the top.  I have a cute little Princess House lamp & a Walmart "Scentsy" knockoff burner.  I may add a little tree & some lights for Christmas.....always planning ahead!

Candle jars & others that once served kitchen duty are a cute & decorative way to store & display some of my supplies.  Adding bows, labels & flowers give them some pizzaz.  And yes, that would be me at about eight years.  Are you diggin' the hair?  LOL!!!

Here's a close-up of the corner desk.  I just love bloggin' here, but this is also where I will do scrapping, so I've added the large cutting mat.  Below is a drawer unit with all my quilting/sewing projects & a special little place for my fur-baby!

The white shelves & thread storage, plus most of the accessories, are from my previous space, but I did add more of those Ikea towel bars for hanging often-used items.

I've had this plain little white wall clock for years (Walmart, I think) & always wanted to make it pretty.  Now it is!

I was an avid subscriber for years to Mary Englebreit's Home Companion magazine, & each issue had lovely prints that I saved for framing.

Love the island in here.  The butcher block top will be perfect for "no-worries" crafting.  It's not even crowded with the side-leaf up, & my super-large cutting mat (you can see it back in the corner) fits perfectly for when I'm cutting fabric.

Above the closet door is where I decided to hang my scrapbook page frames.  I love these, because it's easy to change out pages when I create new ones.

My bulletin board (made by me) will soon be loaded with project ideas.  Above it seemed like a perfect spot for this itty-bitty shelf.

Even peanut butter jars look cute when dressed up a bit.  I found chalkboard vinyl at HL & have used some of it to make labels.

Love jars of buttons!

I'm always looking for odd little things to hold some of my supplies.  This little white pitcher is perfect for some of my pens.

This dish belonged to my Great, Great-Grandmother (I have 2 other matching pieces), & I decided to use it for my most often-used stamps & black inkpad.  This way I get to see it and enjoy it, rather than having it tucked away in my china cabinet.

One last look before you leave My Studio.

Are you totally exhausted?  Believe me, I could have made this post a lot longer & added many more photos, but I wanted to spare you....lol!  I may do another post (later on) with details of how I organize, sort and store my various supplies.  I'll be sure to do a disclaimer so those who aren't into all that "crafty organizing" stuff won't have to look.  I just know that there are quite a few of you who are "organizing junkies" like me, & you might enjoy a more in-depth look into my use of this space.  As always, I'm so happy you stopped by, & please do come again soon!
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