The Dinner Party that Almost Was!

Hey everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend; we sure did.  In my last post I shared about the vegetarian meal I planned for our friend & her daughter.  As is typically the case with anyone battling the "Big C," you have good days, not so good days, & really bad days.  My friend had one of those "really bad days" the day of our little dinner party & had to cancel.  Well, because I already had everything & even had some things prepped, I prepared the meal for The Man & I.  I shared the meal I planned HERE, so now I would like to show you my table.

I always use the breakfast room table whenever we have small gatherings.  It's just much more
intimate & cozy.

This is how I had it arranged when I thought we were having guests.

I used my plum & white toile placemats & napkins with my Fiesta china in Cinnabar, White, Rose & Chocolate.  I just kept it really simple with some little battery-operated tealites, some crystal water goblets, and a lovely arrangement of fresh flowers.

The little white bird salt & pepper shakers are from Pier 1 a couple of years ago.

The flowers are from Trader Joe's.  They have the loveliest flowers.

Love the Gerbera Daisies & these sweet little minies.

I have 8 of these placemats & napkins, plus a tablerunner that is currently on my dining room table.
Got them a year or so ago at Tuesday Morning.  They reverse to a small check which is really fun!

I just love taking pics like this this with the camera just sitting on the table.  I guess I'm weird!

When our plans changed, the table downsized to this.  The Man & I had a lovely dinner for two.

Well, the other day I shared that I was off to hunt for duvet fabric for the master bedroom.  I totally lucked out & found just what I was looking for.

It's a black & cream linen-type fabric, but washable (which I've already done), in a lovely fleur de lis pattern.  I'm so excited to get the duvet & shams made, & then I can show you the room.  It will be awhile, though.  We are having some things done in our yard right now, too.  Never a dull moment around here....lol!

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  1. It looks lovely! Anyway, you both had a terrific dinner party with such pretty table, dishes and flowers. Have a fun week.

  2. Your table is so pretty! I have not ever tried to take a photo with the camera sitting on the table, but I really like your photo taken that way!


  3. Awww, your table looked so lovely. I'm sorry your friends weren't able to make it, but at least you & The Man got to enjoy it. I love the toile placemats!

    I am following you on Linky now.

  4. Carol, I just love the color combo of your dishes and place mats. Very striking. Glad the two of you could still enjoy the veggie meal:)

  5. It's lovely! What a wonderful dinner for two! I love the duvet fabric too! I'm now following on Linky Follower too.

  6. Hi Cas,
    Your table looks so pretty, and love the springy looking flowers, very pretty. Love your new fabric for a duvet cover, beautiful.
    I am really getting into black and white lately too. I blame it on my girls.........cause they both have it, but I think we see it all the time on blogs too, and it has just grown on me over time.

    Hope you are doing well hon. thanks for coming by...........
    I am a bit early with some of my spring stuff, but it is only for the porch. We are having company on March 8th from Ohio, so they are here to get away from the cold, so want them to be able to enjoy the porch at least, and I will decorate inside the house for spring after they leave.

    Been having fun working with the flowers this week, and happy with the results which always makes you feel great.

    Have a good rest of the week hon,
    Blessings, nellie

  7. So sorry your friends had to cancel but you and your husband had a great dinner, love those flowers! Great duvet cover too!


  8. So pretty! I'm sorry your friend missed out on the party, but glad your hardwork didn't go to waste.

    Thanks for following me! I'm following back on LF!

  9. Your table looks lovely, it's too bad that your friend had to cancel. I hope she is doing okay. It was nice that the you and the man could share the meal that you had planned.

  10. Your table was so pretty Cas. Sorry your friend could not make it. Looked like it turned out to be a good evening after all.

  11. Hi Cas, thanks for stopping by, my counter has the word Lab in it and it's not Corian just asked my husband it he said it's just formica. It does have a rougher texture to it though!
    Have a great day!


  12. I hope your friend is feeling better today....I am sure she is sad because she missed out...but I know you will make it up for her!!

  13. Hope your friend is able to meet with you soon...so sorry she wasn't able to enjoy such a beautiful tablescape! Following back on your Linky.

  14. Hey Cas! Thanks for stopping by, I am following you on linky now too. You know just in case. LOL! I love your pretty tablescape. The pink and cinnamon colors mixed with the brown is a fantastic combination. I am so sorry your friend could not make it. I hope she will be having better days soon. The flowers are so pretty as well and were the perfect touch!

  15. ThankYOU for coming to my blog and making a comment on my headers. That was so kind of you. I am now following you too. I love your blog. So glad we have found each other. Your header is just beautiful. You have the kind I want. My first two in Nov and Dec my daughter and I did but she had to put it up because I couldn't figure it out. The 2nd and 3rd I had a gal do it for me. The last two I did by myself. I have wanted to do them all but have not known how. I think the last two are too big but I was so tickled I did them and actually got them up without help. Now I just have to learn this pixel thing. I love the ways yours is set up. And I love your photos. I haven't read your bio yet so I've got to see where you are in the desert. Anywhere warm right now sounds good to me. Thanks again for your comment. A new blogger friendship has just begun!


  16. Cas, I'm sorry that your friend is battling that terrible disease and hope she feels better and conquers it soon. It was nice that you and hubby had a nice dinner at a pretty table for two after the cancellation. Looking forward to the reveal of your bedroom. I like the black and white fabric.
    Take care-------- Shannon

  17. I love your toile linens! I'm sorry your friend had to cancel and I do hope she will be well soon!

    I'm now following you on Linky and I would be thrilled if you would follow me back!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Your table looks lovely and those flowers are so incredible. I hope your friend feels better soon.


  19. What a wonderful friend your are to arrange a dinner for your friend who has cancer. The table with the plum toile linens are so lovely. I like how you mixed and matched your china colors. I know your husband enjoyed the dinner for the two of you. Maybe next time the friend can make it. Happy Tea Party! Pam

  20. I'm really sorry your buddy is battling "The Big C." It's a monster. You had a beautiful table set for your guests, and I'm sure they appreciated the gesture even if they were unable to actually attend. I wondered if those placemats were reversible or not. Terrific that they are, and extra great that they are checkered on the other side!

  21. So sorry your friend wasn't well. I hope the treatment goes well and she's healthy again soon.Just call this a practice run or a really special dinner for two.
    Link is open, come on over and join the party!

  22. I will utter a prayer for your friend Cas.

    Your table arrangement is so inviting. I particularly love the wood furnitures, pieces and the fresh flowers.

    Have a great day. You are a great friend too.

  23. Oh I'm sorry that your friend was too ill to enjoy the lovely table you set in her honor. This is beautiful.....so glad that you could still enjoy it with your hubby.

  24. looks like the two of you had a very lovely dinner!!

  25. Very pretty table, CAS! So sweet of you to plan a special meal for your friend even though she had to cancel. Your home is lovely and I love your blog header too!

  26. What a beautiful table! So sorry your friend had to cancel, but at least, you and your husband were able to enjoy it together.

  27. What a pretty table! I love the fresh flowers too. The material you picked out is great.

  28. You outdid yourself and the table looked simply AMAZING. So sorry about your friend canceling. I love the place-mats. xo ~Liz


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