Somebody Turned "1"

Hey everyone!  Hope you are having a great weekend.  I decided it would be fun to share some pics from our youngest grandchild's 1st birthday.  The party was a couple of weeks ago, but ya' know, life and all that....lol!  Anyway, let the party begin!

Here's the Birthday Girl!
Avery started walking about 2 weeks before her birthday.

My sweet DIL did a beautiful job of decorating for the kiddos,
 ranging in age from 1 year to 12 years, and.........

simple loveliness for the adults, too!  She made all the poufies -- aren't they cute?

 Notice the tulips are displayed in large mason jars -- love that!

Did ya'll know a penny in the water for the tulips makes them stand up straight?  Ally bought
 them at Trader Joe's, & that's what they told her to do.  She said it worked like magic! 

Big Sis taking the birthday girl for a spin!

Cousins......uh oh, is this a hint of things to come?

Big brother is just doing his own thing!

Avery really got into the unwrapping process.  After accessing the situation, tackling it
from a standing position won out!

A bit tentative at this point, but.......

Here we go!  Boy, did she smell good enough to eat....lol!
She was just about ready to fall asleep right in her chair, so we decided it was
time to call it a night.  It was such a fun afternoon and evening.

Thank you so much for letting me share some of my most precious little people with you!
Stay tuned for some more new vignettes early next week.
Ya'll are the best!
xoxo, CAS


  1. Oh she is just absolutely adorable Cas!
    What great decorations and what a lovely family you have!

  2. Awe, what sweetness! Happy belated birthday to sweet little Avery.

  3. Happy birthday to your precious one Cas! She is such a darling :)

  4. She is just sooooo cute! Looks like a fun time was had by all. My Grand turns one in April and I'm excited for that party. hugs, Linda

  5. So cute. Sounds like you all had a great time and especially the little one. Thanks for sharing. Hugs.

  6. Aw, Happy Birthday to sweet little Avery! My little guy better start practicing! He's not even close to walking yet and he turned 1 two weeks ago. LOL!

  7. Hi Cas,
    The birthday girl is such a cutie,
    as well as all your other grandies.
    They were cute all piled in her lil car........
    Love those pouf balls your DIL made, they look so festive and cute.
    Never heard of that with the tulips,
    very interesting. I have been trying to find some red tulips and haven't seen them anywhere, there must be a shortage or something, cause usually they are out this time of year. When or if I find some I will have to try the penny thing.

    Looks like a very fun family time.
    So nice you are closer by now so you can really enjoy them.

    About the coconut oil, it comes in a jar and does look like lard sort of, more transluscent and less hard, but the moment you start to spread it.........it melts just like butter, and taste wonderful.
    I put it on some banana pancakes the other morning and oh my, it was so good. Some people put it in a smoothie as well. Unfortunately, I
    Don't think the energy came from the coconut oil after all, cause I was exhausted by Friday, so must of just had a good hormone week or something. Threw my back out again yesterday, just reached for a dish in the lower tray of the dishwasher, didn't even make it, and I was in pain, so I am a slow
    moving vehicle again!! lol
    Maybe it want last too long........
    I sure hope not, cause I have stuff I want to get done before my company comes, as I have my SIL and hubbies birthday coming up too before then, so was hoping to get
    most of it done before dealing with the b-days. well, like they say,
    Life is what happens when you are making your plans~! lol

    According to an allergy test I had years ago I am allergic to wheat. The test has you take it out of your diet for 3 weeks and then add it back in,but when I went back on it I couldn't really tell any difference at the time, but I do know that if I eat a lot of stuff over several days with white flour it makes me very tired. I have been trying to cut down on some of it because I wonder if it causes me to bloat. I really wish I could find a gluten free bread that tastes great that I could do in my bread maker. Course, there are all kinds of nuts breads I can make, but I want like a sandwich/toast type bread. They have Wheat and rice chexs that are now gluten free just in case you didn't know. I love special K but never realized it has wheat gluten in it, isn't that wierd, and I have to wonder why!!

    Anywho, you have a great week ahead hon, good hearing from you,
    Blessings Nellie

  8. She is such a little cutie!! Baby parties are the best.


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