A Few New with Lots of Old!

Hey, everyone!  First off, just let me hand out a few heartfelt "Thank you's."  Thank you to all of you who have been commenting on my organized studio & pantry.  Ya'll have been so generous in your sweet comments.  I've even gotten some new followers, which always makes me happy -- love new friends.  I try very hard to respond to all comments & give personal "thank you's" to those who start following my blog;  but just in case I missed someone, please tell me.  If you follow me, then I definitely want to follow back, but I may have unintentionally missed someone, so PLEASE give me a gentle nudge!  My other "thank you" goes to those who might have voted for my little granddaughter, Avery, in the "Cutest Holiday Baby Poll."  It's just a little poll you can check out HERE, if you are interested.  Danice would love to have some more entries.

Now, on to some new vignettes that I've been playing with that have been created from almost all older or already existing in my "stash" things.  I don't do a lot of Valentine decor, but I like to acknowledge the holiday with a few things.  Let's start with my entry.

You will most often find some kind of seasonal display here.

I took one of my red candles left from Christmas, wrapped it with some toile scrapbook paper, added some trim that I had saved from a garment, & voila.....instant makeover!

This little silver dish was one that I found a couple of years ago at GW.  These little berry-things were something I rescued from some Christmas potpourri some time ago.

I think this is Cupid, for sure!

The little dangling hearts were purchased at Michael's several years ago -- on clearance after 
Valentine's Day.

A few more Christmas candles.  I just wrapped these with some jute twine & then dangled a big red heart from the back one.

The silk flowers are the only thing I purchased new this year.  They are peonies in a cranberry color.

Decided to keep the table simple with my "go-to" tablerunner & the crystal vase & candle holders.  The tapers are also leftover from Christmas.

The peonies are from HL (on sale, of course) & I added some stalks of faux lavender for height.

Candles aglow!

Did a little something different on the coffee table here in the sitting room.

I love this bell-shaped cloche that I found at Ross a year or so ago.  It was about $7 -- WOW, right!

Had a few more stalks of the faux lavender that I just tied into a small bundle.

I love all the book page bundles that I've seen all over blogland, but buying them is pretty pricey; sooo...I made my own.  I simply took pages from a discarded dictionary, cut the pages in half (so they would fit inside the cloche), bundled them together with more jute twine, then dipped the edges in water to make them curl a bit.  My last step was to use one of my stamping pads just along the edges to give them an aged look.  I really like how they turned out.

I also added a couple of balls of jute twine & a loose peony blossom.

The 2 candles are again leftovers from Christmas.  They are kind of a gold matte metallic.

To make them work, I simply wrapped some satin ribbon (same as the bow on the lavender) around each & added more jute twine (I just love that stuff!).

The finishing touch was to dangle a couple of old keys from the twine.  I just thought the keys added some interest and kind of a unique twist.

Well, that about does it for today.  I do have a couple of things to share in the kitchen/breakfast room, but I'll save that for another day.  Thank you so much for stopping by, and please come again soon.

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