And You Thought I Was Finished -- Ha! Ha!

Hey everyone!  Hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend.  I'm a "3-day weekend widow" this weekend.  The Man is taking a class from 9 am to 10 pm all 3 days, so I am left up to my own devices or would that be "vices?"  Heehee!  Other than spending way too much time blogging, I have been doing other things as well, like "tweaking."  In my own defense, I have also cleaned the house, gotten caught up on laundry, and cleaned up our patio.  I truly can't clean house without changing a few things and hopefully, for the better.  Please indulge me while I share.

Most of my tweaking occurred here in the "heart of our home," where else?
I love this view of my kitchen.

I just threw this little centerpiece together in about 5 minutes simply using what I already had.

Used my cake stand, spread out some raffia, wrapped a jarred candle with some burlap ribbon tied  with twine, plunked down my funky little rooster, added an old paper mache letter "S," a natural sphere & a pumpkin sitting on a candle holder.  I scattered a few leaves & some acorns just to finish it off.  

It's sitting right in the middle of the island.

It looks cute from all sides!

I've been looking for something to hold my frequently (yes, like every meal) 
used seasonings, oil & butter.

I dug this piece of milk glass out of my china cabinet & decided it was perfect.  It belonged to my 
Great Grandmother.

It's a cake pedestal.  I just love the sweet little base.

This is our new toy appliance, and boy, does it work well.

Did a bit of tweaking here, too.

Oh, looky, it's my handsome son in the new cookbook!  Shameful, I know!  I'm working on a little
"somethin' somethin'" about the cookbook but more on that later, I hope!

I love this little tealite holder that I've had for years.  Got it at Big Lots!

I added a little something to my kitchen window.

I simply reworked one of my Spring wreaths.  You can see it HERE.

I just tucked in a few faux leaves & a cluster of acorns.

Yep, still love this view!

Wanted to add just a teensy bit of Halloween.

Mr. Halloween Bear doesn't really look "Spooky," does he?  I made him several years ago.

I love the reflection of my living room in this mirror.

Okay, so I truly believe this is my final "Fall-related" post!  Really, truly!  I do hope you've enjoyed my
slight obsession with all-things Fall.  I've certainly enjoyed sharing our home during this wonderful time
of year.  I'm excited about Christmas, but I will be sad to put my Fall decor away.  I do plan to continue to enjoy the fruits of my labor for a few more weeks.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you will come again soon.

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  1. Love the little tweaks you have added to the kitchen. The tea light holders are just too cute, and look perfect along side the leaf place mats (is that what they are?).

  2. Wow! I'm sure your kitchen looks better in person. Everything is a piece of beauty. I also love the idea that it's not overdecorated and everything is so organized. Have a great weekend Cas! Oh, should I say Carol now?

  3. Wow, you have outdone yourself. It all looks beautiful. I love the wreath hanging over the shutters, great touch. Love the new vignette on the center of the island. The number in the middle of it is darling. And the cake stand is the perfect idea (I do that too but have a big enamel ware pan holding all my things. Love it all!!

  4. Beautiful, sweet lady, as usual, and also very cozy looking. Can't wait for more info on the cook book, I want one!

  5. Oh everything, is so pretty and I love all of your decorations and "tweaking". Your home looks gorgeous. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  6. Carol, I love that little bear! He is so adorable. You have a lovely home!

  7. So pretty. Don't you just love the food saver. My favorite appliance. Saves lots of money. Everything looks so beautiful. You are so very talented. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy.

  8. Just love all your tweaking...be sure to add it to Tweak It Tuesday at Cozy Little House.:)
    It is a beautiful treak.

  9. I tend to fuss over things when hubby is gone, too. Everything seems to go up in smoke when the family blows in! I just love your kitchen...so inviting and cozy. And your fall decorations are very sweet!

    Have a wonderful day, Cas!


  10. I love Halloween bear! Hes adorable :)

    1. Thanks so much! I've made many, many of those little bears.

      I hope you read this reply. Just in case you don't know, you have "noreply-comment" on your email. I can read your comment to me on my email, but I cannot reply back. Some bloggers don't know they are set up that way, so I just wanted to let you know. If you want to change it, you do that by editing in your Profile on Blogger.

  11. All of your Fall decor looks so pretty. It's just the right amount. Isn't it nice to have the house all to yourself sometimes? I bet you were able to get so much done without having anyone in your way! That's how I feel when I have an empty house. I try to take advantage of it. That must seem surreal to have your son's picture in a cookbook looking at you like that. I would open my book to that page if my son was in one too!

  12. Eveything looks so pretty with the Fall/Halloween touches here & there. You did a great job "tweaking". :D

  13. Hi Carol, am having a hard time getting used to that since I am used to calling you Cas. lol
    Liked your cute lil arrangement you made for the top of your island, very cute. Love using cake plates to display things too. I am a tweaker too.........such fun really!!
    How exciting that your son has a cookbook, and imagine his Mom displaying it like that. lol
    Can't wait to see your post, I know you must be very proud. and who doesn't love a guy that can cook and even better it's your own son who cooks!! My dad and Grandparents owned and operated a diner in KeyWest Florida for 40 years. So my dad. let me tell you...
    he could cook.........and I really miss all the great food he used to make for us.

    Congrats to your son and to you on his new cookbook. How exciting for all of you, I am sure.
    Blessings, Nellie

  14. All of your tweaks looks so perfects in the kitchen and that spooky bear is just too cute.

  15. I'm not finished either - gotta figure something out over my own kitchen window - LOVE your blinds!

  16. Wow, you went into tweaking overdrive, didn't you? I love all the little touches, especially the cake pedestal with your meal essentials on it.

  17. Everything looks really good! How cool to have your son in a cookbook! I have a cake plate that looks a lot like that milk glass but mine is blue. It was a wedding gift.

  18. Carol,
    I love to look at your blog because you are a person that I wish I could be...so organized and everything looking so decorator perfect. But alas, I can only dream. Your house looks wonderful...your family is so blessed to have you.


  19. It all looks so pretty! Since we have just moved in, I am getting things in place and not tweaking yet:) It is nice sometimes to ahve the time to get things done. XO, Pinky

  20. Loved your tweaking!!! I love your Halloween bear! Too cute!

  21. I just love tweaking too! Nice touches of fall you added.


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