My Baby is 40 Today!

Hey everyone!  Well, it's just not every day that your baby turns 40, so I had to crow just a little bit!  Of course, this was way before gender could be determined ahead of time, so we were surprised and very delighted to have a little son since we already had our little daughter.  

He was kind of late to the party, but apparently still did not want to greet the world!  He hemmed and hawed the entire day, like 13 hours, before giving up the fight and making his debut.

He was as tired as his momma, so once he was all cleaned up and wrapped, he slept peacefully.  He brought us so much joy as a baby and then a little boy growing up.

He continues to bring us so much joy and a life filled with love and happiness.
Happy Birthday to our most wonderful and much loved son!

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