The Momma-Cave Pt. 2

Hey everyone!  Welcome once again to The Momma-Cave and Part 2 of the tour (PART 1 is the previous post), and don't believe for a second that there will be fewer pictures this time around!  Part 2 is more about the details of where and how I store my tools and supplies;  but for me, that is all about making them pretty while also being organized.    So here we go!

Come in, come in!

As I mentioned, the island has tons of storage space.  The top drawer holds my assortment of craft glues, tapes, modpodge, etc.  Another drawer holds extra glue sticks & my old electric knife for cutting foam.  The 3rd drawer is EMPTY!  The door area is due for another shelf, but is a great space for my "handy-girl" tools, beading/jewelry-making supplies, etc.  The extra shelf will be a great place to hold those "in-progress" projects.

The wicker basket next to my laptop holds things that I am currently working on or using at the computer.  The Jetmax cubes hold all my printer paper, inks, mailing supplies, camera and equipment, floral needs, painting supplies, a drawer full of felt, a drawer that holds my handmade cards and envelopes, and across the bottom are my magazines -- quilting, scrapbooking, and card-making.

I love having storage that is also pretty, like this cute flower pot holding an assortment of brushes.

The Man originally built this little shadow box to hold my stamps, but my stamps out-grew the space, so now it holds my craft paints and a few little cutsie things that I enjoy looking at -- this is right above my laptop.

This towel bar (IKEA) is right between my desk area and my sewing area.  I like having my sharp tools hanging from this, because it is far enough back that little people cannot reach it.  I also decided that I needed to have some of my most often used twines more easily accessible, so I hung them up.

These two shelves (also IKEA) are mainly for displaying more of the things I love seeing, family photos, some cute artwork, etc.;  but the large jars hold some sewing necessities -- zippers, elastic, velcro, and all those extra buttons that come with new clothing -- yep, gotta keep those!

This bank of drawers sits between my desk area and my sewing area.  The top drawer holds desk related items -- stamps, return address labels, you know about that stuff!  The rest of the drawers hold my sewing supplies.


In case you can't tell, this is my scrapbooking/cardmaking area.  Now, it may look messy to you, but it is very organized according to how I work.  This work surface is covered with an old cutting mat from 
years ago.

I already had my ribbons sorted into these plastic jars that I bought years ago at Walmart (for just a couple of bucks), but I wasn't satisfied with how I had my flower embellies stored.  Then this idea popped into my mind -- I had these lotus bowls that I hardly ever used and decided to stash the florals in the bowls and sit them right on top of the same color ribbon.  
It's colorful and very easy to get what I need.

I reach for these little ink pads all the time!

I found these cute little melamine bowls at HL a couple of weeks ago for super-cheap and knew they would be perfect for washi tape, baker's twine & the sentiment stamps that get used most frequently.

I've had this little ceramic egg crate (from World Market) for awhile and like using it here to hold little things I'm working with, especially when I'm working on cards; but I just recently made this tiny pincushion to fit in one of the little spots -- this is so handy!

This desktop carousel is an item I had been wanting for a long time and finally purchased it as a Christmas present to myself in December when they were 50% off -- YAY!  It holds a ton of things, and I LOVE it!

The IKEA Expedit right above my scrapbooking work area holds mostly paper, paper sets, card stock, some page and card kits, and some blank minnies.  The ones I reach for the most often are in the first row of cubbies and I have them labeled.

This bank of drawers holds all manner of supplies and tools.


My ink pads have now been mounted on the wall in CD/DVD holders that I ordered from Amazon.

Back in this little "no man's corner" is where I am now keeping my wrapping paper, a large gift bag filled with smaller gift bags, and tissue paper.

I mounted some command hooks on the wall and hung my tissue paper from pant hangers.

All my bows, shred and gift tags are in one of the IKEA boxes in the Expedit.

I put all of my narrow gift-wrap ribbon in this large jar -- colorful and handy!

These plastic stacking drawers have been great for sorting scrapbooking/cardmaking supplies and embellies.  I have them all labeled by seasons, holidays, and other categories that make sense to me.

I used some of the chalkboard contact paper cut into a cute shape to make the labels.  I have little containers in some of the drawers to hold small embellishments -- you know, divide and conquer!

I think these IKEA Expedits are just about the best thing since sliced bread.  I could easily have fit the next larger size which is 5 x 5 cubbies, but that would have put the top of the piece out of my reach without using a stepstool -- that would have been a pain!  The large boxes are from IKEA and are sturdy and fit perfectly.

I love decorating the top of this Expedit, but also making the decorative items useful.  Okay, the picture of "Moi" isn't necessary or useful, but the dang thing is too big to store any place else (under the mattress didn't seem like a very good place....hmmmm?) --  it's almost an antique you know.....lol!  I love having the apothecary jar filled with cute paper cupcake liners, a wire basket filled with ephemera, and a double turn table holding jars of buttons.

This side holds more cuteness -- jars filled with extra clothespins, beads & itty bitty labels, plus a cute photo of Little Miss and Littlest Miss, and that handsome young man with the pompador hairstyle is The Man when he was in high school!

By most scrapbooker standards, I really don't have a lot of major tools, but I love and use the things I do have, and they fit nicely here in the cubbies.  My Sizzix and Cuddlebug are easily accessible & my small selection of rubber stamps are on risers so I can see what I have.
These cubbies are always getting reconfigured, because they are so versatile.  Almost all of my baskets and bins are from the $Store.  This one holds my clear stamps.  I have a couple of these plastic boxes that I found on sale at Walmart a few years ago.  This one is perfect for my Alphas.

We used to drink a lot of Crystal Light (actually it was Walmart's version), and I simply could not throw them away.  Then one day I got the idea of cutting them down to use for dividing up some of my crafting supplies.  Here they are perfect for dividing the alphas.

This is how I store and organize my paper scraps -- first by holidays and then by color.  I don't even bother putting the lid back on this box, because I am reaching in here constantly when I'm making cards or working on pages -- waste not, want not!

Another cubby box contains some basic crafting supplies, like styro balls, coffee filters, tiny little blackboards, and extra wreath forms when they go on sale.

The next time I'm at the $Store, I will be looking for a container to hold my quickly growing yarn supply.  I am learning to crochet online, so I've gotten very excited about yarn.  Yeah, I know, it doesn't take much to excite the old girl, does it?  LOL!

These folders hold photos of different events that will eventually be scrapbooked -- at least for now, they are sorted and divided.

Whew....... I should have offered you a comfy place to sit and prop your feet up long before now, but I do hope you survived this lengthy tour.  If you stuck around for one or both of these posts, I will be forever grateful.  If not, well, we are still friends anyway!  Y'all are truly the best, and I hope you will come back again soon!
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  1. You have been busy! Such cute storage ideas and lovely fresh colors. You've energized me to do a much needed craft room overhaul here!

    Laura from sundayview.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you, Laura! I feel pretty energized when I'm in this room!


  2. Anyone could get into creating with a room like you've got. Very nice and so organized.

  3. It looks like you have your own little Hobby Lobby here! It is so organized and colorful...I'd love to work in this space! I so admire you for all the crafting you do as well as sewing and now crochet. You go girl!


  4. So organized! And an empty drawer!!! I love the way you stored the craft paints, ribbons, and the flowers. So creative!

    1. Thank you so much! I doubt that drawer will remain empty for long!

  5. Okay so I got a great idea from your space for my art studio: I'll use an empty flowerpot for some of my larger "ruby bright" paint brushes! :D

    This room needs to be in BH&G Magazine. You truly have a great eye and the details really make this room! *awesome*

  6. I love how everything you have is contained and has a specific place to go. I read on one of your other posts about you purchasing some vinyl chalkboard sheets from HL. What's HL? I've been saving the Starbucks Frappuccino bottles for small storage items.

  7. I seriously think you should submit your craft room to craftaholicsanonymous.net because they always feature craft rooms. Yours would be perfect!

  8. I am beYOND envious of your awesome space, CAS! You've got everything you could think of in there to escape and create! I love it! I'd have to put a bed in mine because I'd be in there ALL of the time! LOL

  9. Love all the great pictures, wow, your organizational photos are great, it looks like the perfect place to create something, I would love to go in there and just create something...lol..I bet you love it too...

    1. Thank you, Phyllis! I love this room -- it's kind of my "home within my home" if you know what I mean!

  10. Whew! That was some kinda tour. OMG. When do you find time to do all of these hobbies? It is so organized and I'm sure you are very very happy with it. Thanks for sharing. Viewing photos is never boring.

  11. Hi Carol,
    wow, that is one cool room, and funfilled I bet. Nice to be able to start something and walk away and not have to clean it all up or have a big mess in the major part of your house. Then just come back and work a lil and take a break and come back, very nice.
    Know you are loving that room for sure.
    Have fun, fun, and more fun creating.
    Blessings, Nellie

  12. Oh, how inspiring! Thanks for the tour.

  13. Love it! I am always looking for ideas and inspiration for my own craft room! You can take a peek at mine if you would like....:) Thanks for sharing!

    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  14. Your Momma Cave is just filled with so many fun knick-kancks and wonderful ideas! I wish I could organize mine this well! Love it dear!

  15. Wow you are super organized! My sister would love this. She's great at crafting and sewing. I'll have to share this with her! Looks like a crafter's paradise to me!

  16. Wow - the organization is amazing and it is pretty too!!! You must love being creative in there! Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven.

  17. What a wonderful room! And what great storage ideas. You make me want to get more organized. Your storage is not only useful, it all looks so pretty, and I love the chair and stool covers! laurie

  18. HI Carol! Oh, what a fantastic space you've put together. You truly have organized everything just perfectly. Love seeing little girl you! You were adorable and still are! I love everything in your room and the pretty chair and foot stool are very comfy! ;)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  19. I love your momma cave ~ it's so organized yet fun and is full of colorful and crafty goodness! I would love for you to share it at Project Inspire{d} ~ http://cupcakesandcrinoline.com/2013/03/project-inspired-linky-party-week-5/


    Mary Beth

  20. I am so impressed with all of your storage solutions! You have so many supplies and have done an amazing job keeping everything in its place! Great job!

  21. Wowza!! U can find anything U want! I'm coming along.

  22. What a wonderful room, I also scrap, and cards, did my room a couple of weeks ago, maybe a month now. I have a chaise in the room, so takes up space, but need to use it for grandsons. Going to see if I can find your first post. I could work there with no problem. Love it....

  23. I am speechless! Your spot is amazing and you have thought of everything...you have a place for everything! WOW!!!

  24. Sigh. How totally lovely! I want a momma cave!

  25. Your cave is wonderful, I especially like the hanging tissue paper. I can never find it when I need it and end up with half used packages here or there all over the house. I even have a half used package in my car due to a last minute wrapping job on the fly. Thanks for sharing your space. Cheers!
    Lori in Atlanta

  26. Love your "momma cave" so pretty and organized! Very impressive!

  27. This room is made of awesome! How fun! Your room is lovely.

    I love how you slipcovered your office chair and how you repurposed the Crystal Light containers too! ;)

  28. Such a great space, Carol! I LOVE how organized it is ~ wonderful!!

  29. What a wonderful space!

    I do hope you have entered the springtime giveaway I am currently hosting.

    May you and yours enjoy a lovely St. Patrick's Day!

  30. Hi Carol,
    What an amazing space! I am green with envy (which is fitting for St. Patrick's day!) Thanks for the tour!
    Peggy @ The Painted Pear (your newest follower!)

  31. This is the happiest craft room I've ever seen! It makes me smile!


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