I May Be a Hoarder.....Hmmm?

Hey everyone!  I've contemplated this query before as I seem to have a terrible time getting rid of things.  I think I hear some head nodding going on!  However, I usually redeem myself when I find exactly what I need in my stash to add that final touch to a project.  My issue isn't with decorative items.  My collection of those items is pretty small -- I don't have an entire room or even an over-size closet for an in-house store.  
My every-day decorating pieces fit nicely in a small cabinet in our garage. 

Now some of you might look at my "Momma-Cave" and think I have a problem with supplies......

 but, nope, I really and truly use what I have and rarely make new purchases.  

Fabric?  No, I have a very small stash and pretty much only buy for specific projects.  

Now, The Man would say I have a problem with seasonal decor, but we truly disagree about that.  

We currently have four of these over-head storage racks in our large garage & plan to add one more.  This one holds the Fall, Halloween & Thanksgiving decorations.

This one and one other hold the Christmas decorations.  When the additional rack is added, all of the window screens will be stored on it -- here in AZ, we have regular screens & sun-shade screens.

The Man might do some fussing about my accumulated holiday decorations, but he really does like seeing our home all decorated -- truly he does!

No, my problem is with........

Nice close-up view of my hoarding issue -- my magazine collections were jam-packed into these cubbies, plus I had several magazine holders that were bulging, too!  

Just as an aside, this set-up in my Momma-Cave has been moved.  If you want to see what has changed, you can view it HERE.

So, back on topic, here is my "true confession" -- when we moved almost two years ago, I did a change of address on no less than 15 magazine subscriptions and those were just mine!  I know, crazy!  I was getting 8 magazines related to scrapbooking, paper crafts and quilting alone, plus several others -- Martha Stewart, BH&G, Country Living, Real Simple. etc.  Yes, I'm hanging my head in shame.  At that point, I decided I was in serious need of a 12-Step Program!

I'm serious, here is what I'm implementing:

Step 1 was to allow my subscriptions to expire.  Gasp!  That sounds easy enough, right?  Well, have you heard about automatic renewal?  It's just a little something that periodicals like to toss out there and possibly trip you up.  You have to be vigilant about all those notices you get that your subscription is expiring -- they will try to sneak in one of those "If we don't hear from you by a certain date, we will renew your subscription automatically."  What?

Step 2 was to make a plan to clear out all of these magazines that had accumulated.  Hmph!  I could just put them all in the recycling bin?  Heck no!  There are so many good things I might need and patterns that I definitely want to make.  I simply have to go through each magazine!

Step 3 kind of happened by accident.  As I was looking at those cubbies where the majority of my magazines were residing, I decided I really wanted to use them for another purpose in my Momma-Cave, so that meant the magazines had to go some place else while I did the weeding out process.

Step 4 was to decide what I would do with the things from the magazines that I wanted to keep.  Since I'm planning to be "ruthless" about the things that I do keep, I'm trying to think "small scale."

Step 5 is a "light bulb" moment of something that I had already implemented but had not been diligent about keeping up!  Do y'all know about Smash Books?  I started using them last September, you can read all about it HERE.   Other projects became a priority, and the Smash Books went to rest on my book shelves.  Now I had a renewed interest.  


 Step 6 was realizing that the Smash Book idea, while great for collecting my paper craft ideas, wasn't so great for the quilting ideas and patterns I would want to keep.  Aha....3-ring binder, dividers, & page protectors -- okay, you know me well enough by now to know I have to make it organized & pretty! 


Step 7 is to grab a few magazines each night when I sit down to watch TV with The Man and cut out what I want to keep.  I'm keeping my "Scrap It" Smash Book right there with me so I can immediately "smash" things into the book.

Step 8 is to mix up my magazines, because I have a short attention span and get bored quickly -- give me variety with a few scrapbook mags and a few quilting ones!  If I'm going through a quilting magazine, I simply tear out the pages related to the pattern, make a stack, and then later put them into page protectors in the binder.

Step 9 is to simply file anything that isn't related to scrapbooking, cards or quilting.  I have a file drawer for those kind of things, but I no longer file anything that I know I can find online if I need to.  It's just that sometimes you need a picture -- you know, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Step 10 is to take the magazines I have finished looking through immediately to the recycling bin.

Step 11 is to keep these baskets of magazines right out where I'm constantly reminded to keep going.

Step 12 is to never allow this to happen again.  I am sure I will get the urge to subscribe to a magazine again at some time, but I will be very cautious about what I subscribe to.

Does anyone else have this problem?  Do share, and we can form a support group!  I'll be letting you know when I've made it through all my magazines -- I've actually already made quite a dent!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

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