It's Like Magic!

Hey everyone!  I have a quick little post to share with you, because it is absolutely amazing!  Now, I know that probably quite a few of you get professional manicures, but that doesn't happen here -- never has & probably never will....lol!  That doesn't mean I do not like having nicely polished nails.  I actually do a pretty decent job (most of the time), but my least favorite part is removing the old polish.  You see, I usually do dark colors and removing the old polish meant spending a good 30 minutes and a pile of cotton balls and lots of rubbing which sometimes made my hands sore.  Well, spending some time on Pinterest really paid off yesterday.  I discovered this incredibly easy method of removing polish.  

I was truly skeptical about how easy it was supposed to be, but I needed to remove my chipped polish and gave the method a try this morning.  Well, it worked like magic!  If you do your own nails, you simply must give this a try.  HERE'S THE LINK.  Seriously, I only used "1" cotton ball!  Yes, I said "1" and actually had a little left over.  I'm tellin' ya, my nails looked so good and were so much happier without all that rubbing and saturation of polish remover.  Can you tell I'm psyched?  Can't wait to re-polish my nails!

Thanks for stopping by.  If you've been following or trying to follow my blog, you know I've been having issues with my posts not updating properly.  Well, it looks like I fixed that little issue.  Now if only I could figure out why Bloglovin' won't let me claim my blog so that y'all could follow me that way.  One step or issue at a time, I guess!  Anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend!

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