My Greatest Role-Model

Happy Mother's Day!

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Which women in your life, have been your greatest role-models?  I know today, as we anticipate the celebration of mothers, most of you would quickly respond that it would most certainly be your mom, and I think that is wonderful.  For me, it was my grandmother.  

My grandmother was a genteel Southern lady through and through.  Her kindness knew no limitations, and she never met a stranger who didn't immediately love her.  My own parental foundation was rather rocky, but my grandmother always made certain that I knew unconditional love, security and safety within her arms.  She taught me so many things -- how to make bread and enjoy a slice with butter right out of the oven, the joy of simply sitting next to her on the porch swing with a gentle breeze enveloping me with the sweet smell of her talcum powder, and she taught me that I was worthy of being loved.  She and my grandfather gave up so much to move across the country in order to stay close to me, to protect me and keep me safe.

My grandmother was always the one I turned to with any question, even through my teen years.  I knew she would never find fault or be shocked, but always gave me the confidence to make my own decisions and come to my own conclusions.  Without her, my life would have been very dark.

So today, I celebrate my grandmother.  She left me way too early, but I am so thankful that she got to meet her great-grandchildren.  I am so grateful that she got to see me "happy."  I know it was all she ever wanted for me.  "MawMaw, I miss you and feel your love every single day.  I hope I am the kind of person you would have wanted me to be."

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