Some Pretties!

Hey everyone and happy Monday!  Just a quick little post to share two of my sweeties and something  that is actually "basking" in our desert-monsoon heat.  We spent the afternoon and had dinner with our son & family.  These two little cherubs love iPads and seeing themselves on the screen.  The only problem is that Nana doesn't have long enough arms to reach around them when they are on my lap to get a good pic, but this one is pretty cute anyway!

Little Miss and Littlest Miss.  We had a lengthy discussion about little teeth and big teeth......well, you just never know what's going to pop into those sweet little heads!

This is a Yellow Trumpet Flower bush, and we have two of these in our front yard.  They are one of those great "drought-tolerant" shrubs that is prolific here in our desert.  Well, I hadn't really thought about clipping any of the flowers until The Man announced that he needed to get out and trim (that means almost to the ground) those bushes, so I grabbed my clippers and......

Cut a nice bouquet.  I don't think they will last very long inside, but I'll enjoy them for whatever time I get -- they seem so wispy and delicate for surviving so well here in the desert.

Yep, they are making me smile!

Hope y'all have a great day!

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