Celebrating Summer....Hmmmm...Not So Much!

Hey, everyone!  Can't believe we are closing in on the end of July, can you?  That may be a sad thing to some of you, but I'm truly giggling over it.  While most of you are enjoy patios, decks, and backyards that are all green and lush with flowers abloom all over, we in the AZ desert are sequestered inside peeking through the sun screened windows at all the dry and crispy things that once were things of beauty......sigh. 

Our outdoor days will come again;  we will move the patio furniture out of storage, fill pots with pretty blooms, fold and put away the windshield cover & stop carrying an 
oven-mitt in our purses!  Yep, now is the time of year that "Zonies" start counting down the days weeks until we can once again eat meals on the patio and do some star-gazing over a glass of wine.  Until then, you might find me roaming the aisles of Hob Lob, soaking in some Fall colors!

 Pumpkin Pie candle,

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