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Hey everyone!  Just a short little post, but actually not so much "nonsense," but definitely "just stuff."  My grandmother use to say "just stuff and nonsense," usually when someone was trying to pass on gossip.  She wasn't keen at all on gossiping.  That phrase just popped into my head today, I guess because I've been thinking about her a lot lately.  You just never stop missing someone even when they've been gone for over thirty years.  Anyway, this post is about "just stuff," really random stuff.

I don't know if you live in an area with great "out-of-the-tap" drinking water or if, like us, you have to use bottled water or have an RO system.  Well, we have the RO system at our kitchen sink, and it is also hooked into our refrigerator for the water and ice in the door.  We just always seemed to gravitate to the bottled water, but would refill the bottles a couple of times.  Started thinking that probably wasn't such a great idea, so we decided to try some other things.

One of the brands I checked online was the Contigo.  It has very good reviews, and I liked the idea of the stainless steel.   Then guess what we found at Costco today?  The exact set I saw online, and they were a very good price.  

They are for hot beverages or cold, and look like they will be super-easy to clean.  We shall see.  Now we are just keeping a pitcher of cold water in the fridge instead of 8 or 10 water bottles.

Costco also had a big selection of these.  I think most of you know how much I love these battery-operated timer candles -- love, love, love!  This is a new set to me.  The others I've gotten were in sets of 4 candles all the same size, so this one is making me very happy.  I have so many "very high" spots in our home that I really like to decorate and add candles, but this person doesn't really like to get on ladders any more than is absolutely necessary -- these are the perfect solution, and the batteries last a nice long time.

Last, but certainly not least -- weather!
I hope the weather is much better where you are than it is here.  Even though the humidity is only 
14% (I truly think someone read the equipment wrong on that one), it is totally miserable with the temp at 107*.

I'm truly focusing all my energy on that "stray thunderstorm!"  The term "stray" doesn't really hold out much hope, and the East Valley (where we live) is really big, so it could show up in a lot of different places.  However, I am selfishly hoping that it decides to sit right over my house and drop a ton!
Sorry, I feel I've complained way more than my fair share this summer about the weather, but it just makes me grumpy and I simply must vent.  For those who will get some nastiness this Fall and Winter, please feel free to vent your woes to me.  I will give you a gentle "cyber" pat on the back and console you with words that it too shall pass.  Is that a fair trade-off in the venting and complaining department?  I certainly hope so.  Thanks so much for putting up with me!


  1. I wish I could get to Costco for those candles. I love them too, and am gradually changing over to only them. So much easier!

  2. I fill a Contigo travel cup with decaf and take it to work every day! It's so nice to find a product that actually works as advertised:@)

  3. YEY!!! Glad your cutting back on the bottles! I try to minimize my bottle use by not buying it, so my kids are forced to fill their water bottles with our filtered water! Hope it works out! I too love those flameless candles Carol, they can be expensive so when you get a good buy, you grab it, glad you got them!

  4. I used to use to the timer candles in our sconces by our fireplace during the winter months... you better believe my butt wasn't going to remember it... it was nice to have them automatically come on and go off!

  5. I've never seen remote control candles like that. What a great idea! I'll have to look for those. I've complained way too much about our hot weather too. :) Hopefully we'll only have about another month of this heat. I'm so looking forward to Fall weather!

  6. Well if your temps are 107, you have EARNED the right to complain and vent!!! You poor thing. I have never experienced temps that high. Where I live, it gets hot, but is coupled with very high humidity. So, it probably feels close to 107 on some days. LOL! I don't mean to rub it in, but it has been cooler than usual here and very rainy. I wish I could send some of our excess rain your way. We have had more than we'll ever use! I like your remote control candle set you found. Those will be nice.

  7. Where in the East Valley do you live? I'd Love to connect with you since I am also in the East Valley :) cain4him@hotmail.com

  8. You will love your Contigo cups. I bought some a few years ago at Costco and we love them. I also bought the plastic ones for water and we love them too, but the stainless steel ones are definitely the more versatile of the two! Complain all you want. That is just too hot for anybody. I will keep my fingers crossed for the thunderstorm to rain on you!

  9. We have great tap water here so we keep a big jug full in the fridge. At work the fridge is stocked with bottled water. I hate drinking out of a bottle or can so I have a Tervis tumbler I bring with me. I'm also weird in that I need ice. It doesn't matter if the water is cold. So I pour the bottled water over ice made from our tap water!


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