Too Soon?

Hey everyone!  I hope this has been a great week and you are looking forward to a wonderful weekend.  From what I've been reading here and there in Blogland is that a number of you are turning your thoughts to Fall.  Well, that would be me, too!  I am so tired of summer and know that we have another two months of heat, probably.  I usually wait until the end of August, at least, before I start decorating; so I am trying to appease myself with Pinterest browsing, sketching vignettes, and stalking the aisles of Hob Lob and Michaels.  I am a very "sensory" type person, and besides the beautiful rich colors of Fall, I love the smells.  That being said, I couldn't resist just a couple of things.

Found this at Ana's Linens the other day when I was shopping for pillows.  It's Honeyoak & Spice -- how could I resist that.....seriously!

I purchased this little wax burner plug-in last year at Walmart & forgot to pack it away with my Fall decor.  It was just staring at me in my linen closet -- truly!

And this is what is burning in that little pumpkin plug-in, and I'm so wishing y'all could smell this.  It is beyond delicious!

Okay, I think I may be okay for another couple of weeks, especially if I get busy with some Fall crafts. How about y'all?  Are you anxiously waiting for Fall?  School has already started here which makes it feel even closer than it really is.  I'd love to hear what your feelings are and what you are doing to make the transition from Summer to Fall, or maybe you aren't even thinking about it yet.  Oh, how I miss sweet little Liz from Savvy Seasons; she usually got the ball rolling on every holiday!

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