It's a Birthday!

Hey everyone!  Someone special is celebrating a birthday today, and her name is Phoebe.  Phoebe is our fourth grandchild, and she is ten years old today!  Where-oh-where has the time gone?

We went from this cherub to ........

This young beauty in the blink of an eye -- or so it feels!

But, there were a few years in between!

Phoebe is one very "special" girl. 
She is very smart & excels in school.
She is artistic and loves to draw and craft.
She is dramatic and fun-loving -- you should see her with a karaoke machine!
She is very unique -- the only grandchild with brown eyes & olive skin (like her Daddy).
And if these aren't enough, Phoebe is just the sweetest little girl and is a terrific "big sister."

Phoebe is a wonderful little girl -- an absolute joy to be with.  Her Boppa (The Man) calls her "Face."  Why?  Well, just look at these photos!  

Nana & Boppa love you so much!

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