Just Some Randomness or Maybe It's Rambling, You Be the Judge!

Hey everyone!  Do you ever have a day where your mind just doesn't want to settle on one thing?  Well, silly me,  I'm talking to Bloggers, and our minds are always juggling a gazillion different things, right?  Right!  Some days are just worse than others, let's put it that way.

One thing I've been thinking a lot about lately is my "fashion-style" or lack of.  I've always been one to get dressed first thing whether I was dressing for work outside my home or staying put.  Unless I'm sick, I have always (even when my children were little) done some level of makeup, my hair, & gotten dressed for the day.  Lately, though, I have felt that I was in such a rut, especially with clothing.  I was wearing jean capris & a tee-top every day.  It was my "uniform."  Do y'all have a uniform?  I'm not talking the professional kind or business clothing.  I'm wondering about those of you who are either stay-at-home moms, wives, or retired like me.  Do you always grab jeans/capris & a t-shirt or do you wear your exercise clothes (cannot blame anyone for wearing those, they are so comfy)?  Well, I am retired but active, and like to be comfortable.  I just needed a bit of change.

Meet my new "uniform!"  I still like to wear jeans, but I've added some lightweight denim and oxford button-down shirts.  For our climate and temps right now, I'm layering the shirts over a t-shirt so I can remove the oxford as the day warms up.  I'm so terrible at taking these "selfies," but this shirt is lightweight denim and has little tiny rosebuds all over it -- it's really cute and comfy!  I've been adding lots of silver bangle bracelets which just makes my new uniform more fun to wear.

Others that I know,  would opt for being a "Butterfly Princess" or Cinderella.  Little Miss gets kind of bored with Nana and her camera, but she usually tolerates it.....modeling your Halloween costume can be serious business!

Littlest Miss looks cute in anything, but truth be told, she would just as soon be "naked!"

Okay, I did preface this post with the words "random" & "rambling," didn't I?  These are some fresh batches of Friendship Bread Starter that I bagged, labeled and put in the freezer 
for future holiday baking.  If you missed the post about this bread, you can find it HERE.

Sometimes I feel like a "cook" and some times not.  On those days that I'm feeling less tolerant of being in the kitchen, I try to get something going in the crockpot first thing in the morning.  This particular day, it was "Chicken Fajita Soup" from HERE.  This is low-carb and very good!

Have you ever watched 5 year old girls play soccer?  It's pretty hilarious!  From what I observed, it's mainly about hair-fashion, but they do have pretty turquoise uniforms!  Little Miss (#6) was chatting with friends as she waited her turn on the field.

The "Stars" know all about staying hydrated!

Littlest Miss (aka:  team cheerleader) had to stay hydrated, too!

Crustless Low Carb Pumpkin Pie. Photo by dojemi
Oh my, Pumpkin Pie!  Well, this is a low-carb version from HERE.  I did do some tweaking of the recipe and used Splenda Granular rather than the Splenda Sugar-Blend (if it has sugar in it, it isn't so low-carb.....lol).  Truly did not miss the crust!

I have hopes that these Rosemary cuttings will take root and be ready for planting into little pots 
for the Christmas season.  I probably should have started this a few weeks ago.....sigh!

If you've followed my blog for awhile, you know how much I love World Market coffees.  I get  Customer Rewards when I shop (simply sign up and then enter your phone # every time you make a purchase), so I not only earn points toward a store credit, but also "coffee points."  For every 6 bags of coffee you purchase, you get one FREE!  They do have sales on their coffees sometimes, but more often, they provide "double points" on your coffee purchases.  The purchase of these three Holiday blends has earned me a Free bag -- I'm doing a taste-test to see which one I want.  This morning I'm trying 
the Fireside Blend -- PRETTY TASTY!

I know a lot of you are already decorating for Christmas, but I'm not quite there yet.  I guess it's because we waited so long for Fall here in the desert that I'm just not ready to give it up quite yet.  Soon, I'm sure!

Yes, all of these (they are currently empty) will come down from the overhead garage storage and get packed and filled once again and put back into their snuggly space for another year.

 It makes me a little sad to see "Fall" go away, but I will be happy when.......

I start going through all of these!  I always feel like a kid opening presents, finding my treasures
that have been packed away for the year.  Do y'all do that?

I've already had my little Holiday Book out & have been planning away.  If you want to see what this is all about, go HERE.  I have to share that this post was only my 4th or 5th effort when I started blogging back in 2010.  I actually didn't do too many photos back then.....lol!

Well, I've been to the gym -- I'm still waiting for that "magical-thing" to happen, you know with the endorphins, that make me jubilant to go exercise!  Now I've got a bit of vacuuming to do, some dusting, and then I have a little project I want to work on.  OR....you may just find me in the fetal position curled up on my bed taking a nap!  Maybe I'd better have one of these......

Iced Coffee Mochas before I do anything else!

Thanks so much for stopping by for my "random rambling."  You are always welcome here!


  1. Rambling is good! If I'm not going anywhere, I'm in my shorts and tank top. If I'm going somewhere, I'm in Wrangler jeans and a top, from Wal-Mart. I use a couple of cotton long sleeve shirts that I picked up at yard sales to wear if it is a bit chilly. I hate coats & sweaters. Enjoyed seeing the girls. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You've been keeping busy this Fall! I think your new "uniform" is adorable...you look fantastic!

  3. Carol, I am a coffee NUT, so I am very glad to know that World Market has good coffee- and rewards points! I get rewarded for drinking coffee? BONUS! :D I do like your new uniform. I need to work on mine, too- yoga pants and a t-shirt- so glamorous! ;)

    Hope you have a great week, and keep looking so darn cute!

    Love, Joy @ Yesterfood

  4. Rambling is sometimes how life is sometimes....enjoy your coffee!

  5. Yay for going to the gym! That's awesome! When I'm not at work lately I have on yoga pants or running tights/capris. Sooo comfy!

  6. I enjoyed your ramble! I'm a stay-at-home mom and my "uniform" is jeans or capris and a t-shirt. When I'm feeling really lazy, leggings. :) I don't look great but I'm comfy.

  7. Such wonderful randomness!!! You do so much better than I do.....I love house pants and comfy shirts... not good during the cooler months as I love to eat... they just let you grow without awareness of how badly until you put on jeans....lol.. I am trying to make sure to put on "regular" clothes first thing each day... such great pics... especially of your little princess....Have a great one.. Blessings!

  8. Well I usually have the yoga pants on but now it's with long sleeve top. We are getting our first snow tonight so I will have to add a coat for tomorrow. I like you uniform with the cute blousee!

  9. Ramblings or not, this was a fun read! Love your new uniform, very versatile! You can easily dress it up or down! I don't usually have a uniform, but jeans are a staple for me.

    Your kiddos are SOOOO CUTE! Love that their having a lot of fun in or out of the field!

    You've been busy cooking up a storm, have to try some of those. So busy lately going to different HS open houses for our son, we want to make sure we (and he) chooses the right one!

    I have the rewards for WM problem is I keep forgetting which number I use! Wish they have a card and wish there was one closer to where I am! I order my beans online. :-(

  10. Love your new uniform, Carol! You are just too cute!! My "uniform" is pretty much yoga pants and a t-shirt every. single. day. :) I do usually change to jeans when I'm going out in public though. That chicken fajita soup sounds good...I'll have to check out that recipe. We were recently at WM and my hubby was interested in their coffees, so I'm going to sneak back and buy some to put in his stocking. :) Your grands are adorable!

  11. Great post! Yes, I also have a uniform! LOL Trying to change it more often now. :) You look fabulous! Pretty and comfortable at the same time.I have never tried the WM coffee. I think the time has come to change that. Sounds sooo good! Enjoy your week!

  12. Great rambling Carol and some awesome pics of pretty cute little girls! Love your garage storage!!!

  13. I feel like I just got my fall decorations out and set up, can't believe it's almost time to do Christmas! Where do the days go???

  14. I love random posts, Carol. And I want to say that you and Little Miss are too dang cute! :D
    I shop at World Market all the time….Why haven't I ever tried their coffee? Which one is your very favorite?
    You are one usb lady. I've been stuck at home with (first) a sick daughter and (then) a sick husband. Boo!


  15. Keeping our-self fit at all ages keeps us energetic and to do the work perfect. Cutee little butterfly prince!!
    Your pan cake is awesome.

  16. It was fun to read what you have been up to! Yes, I am not ready to give up fall yet. Since we host Thanksgiving, I cannot even think about Christmas until every dish has been put away after the big Turkey dinner...then it's time to dig into those boxes! It really is fun isn't it? I like your new "uniform"...

  17. Love your ramblings, I do the exact same thing. I am convinced that my mind works like a pachinko game...LOL

    Cute post!

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