No! No! I Won't Let You Go!

Hey everyone!  I CANNOT believe Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is looming just around the corner, and then it will be the "mad Christmas dash!"  Since we are getting into that time of year for present wrapping frenzy, I thought I would share a little something that happened totally by accident; but, of course you need some background.

The picture below is our Christmas kitchen in our previous home.  We had completely gutted and remodeled the kitchen in 2004 -- new cabinets, Corian countertops, new stainless appliances, & hardwood floors.  You can see that complete transformation HERE.  I had always wanted an island, but we just weren't sure if the space would allow it, so we waited.  The Man said we could add one if I decided the space would work.  Well, we just happened to be browsing through Crate n'Barrel one time when we were in the big city (Scottsdale) & discovered the PERFECT island.

This is a catalog view.


    • The island came with optional "bun feet," to which we added nice heavy-duty felt pads -- made it easy to move around without damaging the floor.

      This island was in constant use.
      My kitchen was small, but having this island made a huge difference in my work space.  When we sold this house, the buyers got my refrigerator, but I couldn't part with the island & they didn't care.

      The picture below is the kitchen in our current home just after moving in -- before we started doing/ making changes.
      This kitchen had an island, albeit a small one, so I just butted my little gem right up against it.  Well, that lasted until we added the granite countertops and expanded the size of the existing island.

      Now what -- where o' where could I use my little portable island?

      Well, here we go -- great work table in my Momma-Cave!  It actually stayed here and was very useful for over a year; but then I did some major rearranging (WHAT?) and the poor little island was on the move once again.  But, WHERE?

      Yes, this is the guest room, but guests really don't need an entire double closet, do they?

      See, Abby is showing you that it was a perfect fit.  

      Yay, it makes the perfect wrapping station!  The Man added some rods above to hold rolls of paper and ribbons.

      There is an outlet just outside the closet door, so my old clamp desk lamp was the perfect light for here.  I also left the hanging rod & used pant/skirt hangers to hold tissue paper.

      There is just enough space on the very end to hold all of my extra rolls of paper.

      This was something that I had used in my craft room at one point, but it will be perfect for holding tapes, scissors & gift tags.

      The drawers are great for extra ribbon and......

      Package fillers, etc.  The third drawer is actually empty right now -- GASP!

      The cupboard-part is spacious and very useful.  This bin holds all of my gift bags & some flat-fold gift wrap.

      To the right of the bin is a basket with an assortment of folded boxes.  The big green box is full of my Christmas ribbons, tags, etc.

      Who knew one little portable island could serve so many uses.

      Yep, Abby and I love the new wrapping station!  I'm so glad I could not let it go!

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      1. I love pieces that move around the house and get used in different ways.

      2. Oh my goodness Carol, I would have not part with that cute Little island either! She fits any where and has so many faces to her, specially now right in the closet for a wrapping section! I love it too, and now that the C'mas holiday's are approaching is perfect!

      3. I turned my "kitchen island" into the base for my sewing room ironing board. I made the board 24 inchs wide and 5ft long and padded it so it can be recovered and put the board on top so it can be taken off and moved easly. I store extra irons, distilled water, spray starch, and extra electrail cords in the base.

      4. What a great way to repurpose your island!

      5. You are ready for the frenzy! It takes a LOT of wrapping paper for this family, I could really use something like that.

      6. That is wonderful. Good idea! I would love to have a wrapping station someday. Right now all my wrapping supplies are in a big plastic caddy (made for rolls of paper) in the office closet. When I wrap, I bring everything to the family room and spread out all over the floor. I have a piece of furniture that has been moved around and used different ways too; it started life as a microwave cart (we found it on the street and fixed it up ourselves), with liquor storage in the cabinet underneath. Then it was just a liquor cabinet with other housewares stored on top. Then it was a changing table! I'm not kidding; my husband put a bigger top on it so I could fit a changing pad and we kept the diapers and wipes underneath. Then everyone got potty-trained and I brought the cart back out to the open family room/kitchen area and now it's our "homeschool cart"; we keep all out books, kids' crafty supplies, teaching materials, etc. in/on it. :)

      7. Great use of your little island. I have one that is very similar that sits along a wall as a side table. They are so versatile!

      8. I would say you've definitely gotten your moneys worth out of that island! It's awesome you've figured out so many different uses for it!

      9. That is the perfect solution for your cart! I usually wrap gifts in the master closet so I am well protected from little intruders, but It' s so uncomfortable. Happy wrapping! Dee :)

      10. I love that you could keep the island and reuse it. And I agree with Abby, it's the purr-fect fit! LOL! The idea of using pant/skirt hangers to hold tissue paper is brilliant!!

      11. Definitely something you can't let go of! Great idea Carol! I too try to make the most of all the stuff I have at home!

      12. Nice post! So glad I found your site via Sew Many ways...I'll visit often! Love your wrapping station!

      13. Love it! Thanks for sharing on The Creative Home & Garden hop! Can't wait to see what you're up to tomorrow!

      14. Such a great piece. I wish I had more storage, can never have too much! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


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