Updates -- Craft Room -- ACK!

Hey everyone!  Ack!  Say it isn't so!  Can there possibly me more updates to this itty bitty room?  Well, I'm afraid so.  If you are a crafter, sewer, or scrapbooker, then you know there are always, always improvements and tweaks to be made.  Could there possibly be more changes down the road? Absolutely, but this is what is working for me now, and I would love to share.  Come on in, and I'll give you a little tour.  Oh, "cough cough" -- when I say "little tour," I am referencing the size of the room, not number of pictures!

A little reminder of how it looked the last time I shared a tour.
To see that tour, just go HERE.
A couple of months ago, I did a major purge and reconfiguration of the room.  For about a week, it looked like this
I truly thought I might go insane while I figured this all out!  But I finally got my
act together.......

And NOW!
The space is so much roomier without the island.  If you want to see what I did with my "Old Faithful" island, go HERE.

I am still loving my back-to-back IKEA desks for either large scrapbook projects or sewing.

I really like the Michael's Recollections (or Jet Max) cubes and have reconfigured those several times to get the best usage.  My sewing side of the desk is set up perfectly to meet my needs.  I have plenty of drawer space for sewing supplies, great light from the window, and easy access to other needs hanging on the wall just behind my chair.

I like making cute stuff work for storage, too!

Great place for my paints!

I still like my computer in this location, but added some wall-mounted lamps from IKEA for
additional lighting.  My wireless printer sits on Jet Max cubes that contain my printer & photo paper, ink cartridges, etc.  My Nikon sits right in that little open area, and the basket contains 
my camera extras.

I have a cup warmer, my binder, journal and some other reading materials close at hand.

I recently added these little drawer units that I have had forever.  They are holding the pens I like to use in my binder, sticky notes, Washi tape, & a few other supplies that I use often.

I got the idea for the banner from Jaime@RaisingUpRubies.  I made my own jar pattern & have used it in other places in my room.  SIMPLIFY is my 2014 word.

I've been learning to crochet via YouTube, and have kinda-sorta learned how to 
crochet a heart!

I try to clean off my Memo Board fairly often so that it doesn't get too cluttered.

These framed 12x12 pages of my kiddos and my "Grand" kiddos always make me smile.

I did some tweaking inside the closet, too.
The plastic drawer units are holding sewing/quilting projects.  The large IKEA boxes hold yarn, fringe & cording, patterns, and some clothing that I want to alter.  The bins on top hold seasonal fabrics & pieces of lace & scrap fabric.

Why not use some of that wall space inside the closet to hang a few wreaths & embroidery hoops?  The ceilings are 10' high in the closet, too, so there is lots of available wall space!

There is a weird little angle in this closet, but I have maximized the space by using two short shower curtain tension rods to hang my larger pieces of fabric.  Below, I have a couple of bins that hold stuffing and quilt batting.

Most of the right side of the closet is for crafting/floral supplies, but there is a bit of overlap.  Those white dishpans up there on the right are from the Dollar Tree and are perfect as project bins -- whether sewing, crafting or scrapbooking.  I use them a lot when I have several things going on at 
the same time.

It is working out so well to have this small Expedit inside the closet (I had it just sitting in front of 
the closet doors for awhile) where it's the perfect station for my roll of butcher paper, label maker, bins holding general crafting items and some most-often used tools.

This little beauty is the whole reason behind reconfiguring and major purging in this room.  It is
the Raskog cart from IKEA.  I absolutely fell in love with this the very first time I saw it in the store, but kept saying "NO" because I had no room for it.  Once I figured out a way to make it work, I bought it for my birthday!

I absolutely adore this little cart!

Did I mention how much I love this cart, and the color......swoon!

I use it mainly for my Project Life supplies and basic scrapbooking needs.  I love that I can roll it right up to my desk and have everything within easy reach.

The top section holds all kinds of things that I use when scrapbooking.  The container of colored chalk, well, that's just.....colorful!

I bought some plastic bins at IKEA, too, that are sectioned off and can hold a lot of my random PL 
4x6 & 3x4 cards.  I made labels to make it easier to find the things I want.

I have 2 PL kits that I have opened and stacked on the bottom shelf of the Raskog.  I can simply grab the one I want & place it right on my table.

Were y'all wondering what happened to my herb spinner when I made THESE CHANGES  in the kitchen a while back?  I love having it here in my craft room, holding all kinds of little things.

I bought this Washi Tape and dispenser a while back at Costco.  It was a great deal, but I'm thinking about using something else for the tape, because I have accumulated a lot more than this will hold.

Right behind my scrapbooking desk, I have eight of these 3-drawer units (from Walmart years ago).
The top two hold my Sizzix dies.  The rest of the drawers are labeled both seasonally and monthly & hold stickers & lots of extras for my albums or cards.

The Man cut a shelf to fit across the top of the drawer units to make a stable place for my paper cutter and my Sizzix.

I don't use these scissors too much, but they are kept handy hanging from command hooks on the end of my large Expedit.

Easy access to some stickers, Thickers and most often-used patterns and templates just to the left of
my scrapping area.  You can see I have my glue guns hanging there, too.  My heat gun is also close by, but I didn't get a pic of it.

I change up this Expedit quite often.  Two of the cubbies have small drawer units that hold scrap paper, divided and labeled by color.  Those containers on the top right hold ribbon and the colored circles on each one signifies the color, but they are labeled, too.

I've been bringing more books into my decor throughout my home, and decided I wanted to do the same here in my little space.  Most of my books were up in the closet, but I really enjoy seeing them and have already referenced them more often.  My photo albums and Smash books are in 
the far left cubbies.

Well, my little partner in crime wanted to say "Hi."
This is her spot if I'm not able to have her on my lap!

I do hope you managed to stick around for this entire "boat-load" of pics.  I am nothing if not consistent about always having photo overload.  I would just love to have you all come over so I could give you a personal tour of my space.  It really is a fun room, and I truly love creating here!  Please know you are always welcome in my home any time.  Take care and have
a wonderful week!

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  1. Hi Carol! Oh, I love your craft room and that little rolling Ikea cart is darling and love the color too. Looks like you have everything so organized. Enjoy!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Wonderful and creative space to work in - love the rolling cart for organizing supplies. But the closet is one I dream of having one day - so neat!

  3. Wow! What a transformation! I love your organizational skills but it sure helps to have fab decor style too.. Blessings!

  4. Carol, your craft room is AMAZING!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it and have pinned it for future reference. I really want one of the carts!! Thank you for sharing it with us!!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Susan, and leaving a sweet comment!

  5. Well, it looks like you have every space covered!! How lucky you are to have a room of your own. Everything looks so organized and one thing I love about craft rooms is how colorful they are!! Are you psyched to get started on a project?


  6. Oh my word, I don't even know how to use half of that. Your room is gorgeous and it is so organized. I love it. Hugs, Marty

  7. What an amazingly creative space. I love all the color and organization for everything. As I have visited many blogs and seen more and more decor/creative spaces I am realizing that I tend to be boring (lacking color) and very much a minimalist. I wish I had the guts to let loose a bit! And, I'm going to take you up on the visit very soon. Let's plan something!!

  8. Oh- I want that space. I am relegated to a dark little corner of the basement. I love how organized you have everything now and how handy it all is. GREAT job!!! xo Diana

  9. Carol, it looks terrific! You've made really great use of the space. I love the new cart too. Everything is so nice and organized. You're an inspiration to all crafty people! :)

  10. Now this is certainly awesome creative space...now, come put my new one together. :) ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  11. I have spent awhile looking at your craft room and its various transformations. I love how colorful it is. You are very organized with your labels. I keep working on my little room. I seem to spend more time organizing it, than I do actually scrapbooking or crafting. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  12. Hi Carol,

    You've done such a fantastic job of reorganizing, restructuring and reinventing this colourful and creative craft room! My favourite place in this amazing space is your desk in the corner; you've got everything you could ever need for your activities there. I didn't know cup warmers existed - thanks for this, as sometimes I get busy or carried away with something online and my coffee gets too cold for me to drink, as I like it steaming hot!! Also, good for you for learning how to crochet on Youtube! Thanks for sharing this update, I really enjoyed the tour!


  13. Carol, I love this space. One day I hope to have a creative space just like this. You've done an amazing job, you are so organized. :) Thanks for sharing! xo, Liz

  14. It looks amazing!!! Everytime I see one of your organizing post it makes me want to get to work. However, I don't. HA!!! Maybe one day.

  15. Your organization just blows me away! Such a great room! You make me want to go out and buy all kinds of organizing products! Nice job!

  16. Oh my goodness. What a perfect room. If we move again I'm going to hunt for a house where I can have my very own craft space. Right now I either work on my dining table or I set up an old card table in our master bedroom. This room is a dream.

  17. The "ACK" part happens to all of us! Hahaha! Love the updates Carol!

  18. wow...this is an amazing spot for a crafter. Since I can't do ANYthing, I don't need a cute room like this.
    GOOD JOB !! :)

  19. I am beYOND envious of your craft room! You've done a wonderful job organizing everything perfectly ... I'd spend lots of time in there, and I'm sure you do, too!!

  20. Carol, your craft room looks amazing! It is so well organized, Love every detail, specially the idea of hanging your extra fabric. Fabulous!

  21. This is WONDERFUL!! It looks so inviting to use and be creative. :) Thank you for posting.
    Gentle Joy

  22. I love your craft room Carol. You have a great sense of storage and design! Such a great space for working in. If only I could be so organized!

  23. Carol, What a pretty craft room and I love the rolling cart!

  24. Carol, you have got the best craft room ever! So much storage and you are so organized...even a spot for your kitty! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...


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