Chemo #3 Down!

Hey everyone!  I hope you are all having a great Monday and start to a wonderful new week!  Chemo Monday started quite early with labs at 7am, a meeting with my oncologist at 8am, and Chemo #3 started at 9am.  Once again, my lab numbers were all well within the normal range which keeps surprising everyone.  My doctor said she can already feel a drop in the size of the breast lump, so.....YAY!  I actually thought I could feel a difference but thought it might just be wishful hoping, so.....YAY!

Chemo went well, but long.  I had 2 nurses today, Wendi and Gulnar (I don't know what her nationality is, but she was absolutely gorgeous).  Both nurses were so kind and always asking if I needed anything.  

Some of you already know, but shortly after Chemo #2, my hair started falling out like crazy.  I truly looked like a victim of a nuclear holocaust!  So my sweet hubby took pity on me and took the rest off.  I still have my eyebrows and lashes....I guess they have more staying power than head hair.  If you are thinking that I might just be brave enough to show you my hairless crown, you would be VERY wrong!  I've seen some women at the Cancer Center who are "rockin" the bald head and look amazing.  I am not one of those!

 Chemo #3
I was really tired (I woke up at 4am this morning.....don't ask, I don't know why), so after they got the drugs flowing and gave me warm blankets, I actually fell asleep!

 It's a MIRACLE, I have hair again!
The wig is actually pretty cute, but it's still too warm here for it to be very comfy for all-day wear.

Thought you would want to see the back, too!  The color is quite close to my last salon hair color (whatever color combo formula that was....lol)!

I continue to be amazed and humbled by the outpouring of sweet comments, prayers, and even some sweet gifts from some very kind and generous women.  I'll be sharing more about that in a later post.  They know who they are and how much I adore them for their kindnesses.

I'm happy that Chemo#3 is done, and I only have 13 more to go!
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