Dining Room Dressed for Fall

Hey everyone!  Are temps a bit lower in your neck-of-the-woods and feeling more like Fall?  If they are, could you send some over this way?  Actually our temperatures have dropped, barely below the century mark, and our crazy "Zonies" consider that a cool down!   

Before I get started with my little tour, I thought I should share a bit of a health update.  Let's just say it's a good thing I finished my Fall decorating a few weeks ago, because I would not be able to do it now.  A couple of days after Chemo #3, I had a rude awakening.......my body let me know, in no uncertain terms, that it's in a battle and I have no control over the situation.  It's the first time since all of this started that I actually realized that I am, indeed, sick.  This is difficult for me, because I don't do "sick" very well.  I do know it's normal, and I'm learning to listen more carefully to my body.  It was just a surprise after having so few side-effects from the first two infusions.  On the bright-side, I have a lot more time to visit blogs & FB now as I lounge around  napping and eating bonbons.....well, no to bonbons, those don't even sound good!  So anyway, that's my bit of a health update.

Now, how about a look-see at our "Fall Dining Room?"

I've been using this large wooden tray with Mr. Roo and the white pitchers for some time now on the white buffet, but decided to use it on the dining room table for the Fall season.

I'm so happy with how it turned out.  I bought a couple of bunches of wheat from our Sprouts Market last year and was glad to see that they survived being packed away.

I used 2 table runners from World Market that I bought last Spring, and I like that they give a more casual feel to the table.

I love decorating around this china that had belonged to my sweet MIL.....it makes me feel close to her whenever I walk past this room.

I even got my "craft-on" a few weeks back and made this leaf garland using drop cloth and burlap scrapbook paper.

Those little squirrels are really enjoying their spot with a view of everything that's going on!

Kept things very simple on top of the china cabinet.

These cone trees used to reside on top of the kitchen cabinets during the Fall season, but I'm not allowed to use the big, tall ladder any more.....that's okay, I like them better here!

I was really surprised that I had enough of the mini-pumpkins to fill the dough bowl!

And I'm not a bit sorry I painted that dough bowl....turquoise makes me happy!

I was a bit tired of seeing all of our glass and barware inside this buffet, so I found some scrapbook paper with script writing on it and covered the clear glass panels on the inside.  I'm really liking this!

Okay, one more peak because I love it so much!

Thank you so much for stopping by!  
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  1. It's beautiful.
    I'm so sorry that the chemo has finally taken its toll. Prayers for you and yours while you go through this very rough time.

  2. Carol,
    You were so very wise to decorate before the chemo began, and now you can enjoy the festive Fall beauty that you have created. I like your attitude about the dough bowl-it should be any color we want them to be, because they are for our enjoyment. I always enjoy the glow of Holiday lights and your Trees are perfectly placed with such pretty ambience too. I am sorry about that chemo-it has a nasty way of being cumulative. But, my nurses always told me this-as the chemo knocks us for a loop, it is doing the same thing to the cancer, and thats a really good thing.
    Sending prayers your way,

  3. Lovely fall touches. I especially like the wheat and your garland is perfect.
    Your post is bringing back memories of my mothers treatments; it is so tough. Thankfully she is doing amazingly well. Praying for you this morning!

  4. A beautiful centrepiece to celebrate the upcoming season that is closely upon us!

    Carol, I'm sorry to hear that you are not feeling so well; it must be very, very difficult! You are a very positive person, a strong person, and this challenging time in you life will prove that, once again.

    Sending prayers, my friend.


  5. Your home is so full of inspiration as always Carol! I'm glad you have something beautiful to see each day with what your going thru! Be strong my friend, I'm always, always praying for you!!!!!

  6. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. Hoping for much better days ahead. Just know that you're constantly in my prayers. :) I love all your mini pumpkins! I have a dough bowl that was red when I bought it and I love the pop of color too. And what is it about wheat stalks? I love them so much this time of year. I think I may need to find a few more. :) Love all your Fall decor!

  7. How beautiful your house for Fall is looking! You did an amazing job decorating it. I love the tray and those orangy-yellow trees with lights. Your buffet looks gorgeous as well... and the cute mini pumpkins too.
    I'm praying for you and will make my friends do so in my next rosary, so we'll be at least 15 more praying. Don't ever estimate the power of prayers, I've seen real miracles!
    Have a lovely week ahead my friend.

  8. Wow you have decorated your house so pretty for fall.
    I'm so sorry to hear about your health and I will be sending prayers your way.

  9. Hi Carol,
    Your house looks lovely........love the table vignette especially and I have a napkin that matches your table runner, I got it earlier in the year at world market when I was out shopping with my daughter
    and haven't used it yet.for some reason. I agree they look great on your table and do give it a
    more casual look. Your leaf garland came out so cute, and that was a great idea to cover the
    doors in your cabinet for a different look. So glad you got this all done early, now you can just
    enjoy it, since you will be having more down time. So sorry to hear you are feeling so sick hon,
    and that you still have your sense of humor too............cause know it must be hard.
    Glad you let us know............so we can pray specifically about that.
    Blessings, Nellie

  10. Oops, that ending was suppose to be glad that you still have your sense of humor too.........

    Love and Blessings,

  11. Beautiful touches of fall!!! How very clever to cover the glass panes of the cabinet with scrapbook paper, and I love the leaf banner!!!
    Praying that you get over this fast!!!

  12. Your home looks lovely, Carol. It's dressed for fall and perfectly perfect for relaxing and recovering. I am sorry that you are not feeling well, but hopefully this will pass and you will be back to your energetic self soon. Sending prayer and smiles your way!!

  13. Well, this morning the humidity was 85% instead of 90 so I guess we're moving in the right direction. Sorry that you're not feeling well. I hope it gets better soon!

  14. Love your tray vignette! You did a wonderful job with it. You were smart to do your decorating early. Chemo treatments take a lot out of you. I wish you well though the treatments. Stay positive :-)
    God Bless! Liz

  15. Carol, I'm sorry to hear that it has hit you like it has. I had knee replacement a year ago, Sept. 9, and I had ALL our fall decor out before I went to the hospital. That was a smart move by you, also. I love your vignette on your dining table. Hoping you start getting your strength back.

    1. Thank you so much, Carol! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gets her priorities straight!

  16. Everything is looking beautiful, Carol, all decked out for Fall. It looks like you got quite a lot accomplished.
    You just hang in there & relax! Stay strong. Big hugs to you!

  17. Carol...Thank you so much for visiting me on my blog. I just popped in to visit you too! Your wooden tray with white is so very pretty. I love to use trays in decorating. Here is a virtual hug that all goes well health-wise!

  18. I love the fall in your dining room, not over done but pure simplicity and peace! You are in my prayers daily, Carol! Love and blessings, Cindy xoxo

  19. Carol,
    First off, sending prayers your way and you will always be in my thoughts.......

    LOVE how you decorated for Autumn, especially those sweet trees!! So pretty!! Love them! Did you make them? Do you have a post on them?

    Thanks so much for visiting especially when you are not feeling well. I do appreciate it!!


  20. Well now, it is as if you were speaking directly to me when you decorated for fall with that rooster....love it!! I am so happy that you got some decorating done before that dreaded disease/treatment began taking their toll on you. I know you will feel better lounging around with your home decorated, and all cozy for fall. Enjoy your time in blogland and on fb, and take advantage of whatever works for you, sweet lady. Wish I were closer, I would do whatever to help you out.

  21. Very sorry to hear about #3 Carol. I am hoping that the side effects leave as quickly as they came. Your house looks amazing as always and I am glad you have it all decorated for fall. I am hoping that you have something to help you with all of those nasty side effects my friend. Take care of yourself.

  22. super cute display!!!! Following you on Bloglovin !

  23. Hope you are feeling better, Carol. Thinking of you daily. Your dinning room looks so pretty with all the Fall touches.Love your wooden tray and the china cabinet looks gorgeous! Take care. xxx Maria

  24. Hi Carol,
    I've missed visiting you and I'm trying to get back to blog land regularly. Your decor is beautiful!! You have so many special touches. I haven't done any ~ it's still so hot here it's discouraging. :)

    So sorry you're not feeling well ~ will hold you in prayer for strength and healing. Not sure if you're aware of the Chemo Angels organization. I've been a volunteer since I retired in 2003. Such an incredible support system for those going through treatment. If you'd like to check it out, click here: http://chemoangels.wix.com/chemo-angels-1 Rest and take good care of yourself!


  25. I saw your feature over at Grace at Home and had to stop by to see the lovely fall tray you put together. The wheat, pumpkins and white pitchers look fantastic together. You definitely have an eye for putting together a tray! Praying for you in your cancer journey - that's a blessing about blogs - to me, they are like a million magazines that you can sit on the couch and read when you are sick. Take care!

  26. I found you today on Imparting Grace.
    Your home looks cheerful and beautiful!
    I hope you will feel better and better each day.
    I will be praying!!

  27. Such pretty objects on your table, and the chicken is adorable. I really like your idea of covering the fglass with the paper, I'm going to borrow it.


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