Do You Really Want Another Update?

Hey everyone!  First, just let me once again say, my friends, how much your support and positive comments mean to me.  I'm assuming (never a good thing) that if you grow weary of reading my updates, you will simply stop commenting.  Is that fair?  Anyway, I do have a few things to share, health-wise, but I thought I would share this photo that you may have already seen on IG & FB.

Had a nice "date-nite" with The Man on Friday night and filled up on Prime Rib!  I'm sharing this pic, because I actually think it's pretty cute, and because it will probably be the last one with hair!

The Man snapped this one during my 2nd Chemo Infusion.  It's because of this, that the future of having hair looks bleak!  I'm starting to shed and will be getting the "chemo-cut" next week.

I had labs and then a meeting with my Oncologist to discuss the tests and scans that I had before starting chemo, and I am happy to report that they all came out extremely well!  The MUGA (a complete scan of my heart & how it functions) came out perfectly.  My PET (a scan of my body from head thru torso to see if there are any other cancers) shows NONE other than the breast lump.....HALLELUJAH!  As for my labs, I scored an A+++.....the doctor was amazed and happy, and my chemo nurse said the #s were incredible.  

Just to back up a bit on what happened this last weekend......I had a little fall!  I got out of bed in the wee hours of Sunday morning, going to the bathroom, and only made it a few steps before my legs crumpled under me and landed me on my butt.  I did not get hurt (thank goodness for extremely soft and thick carpet), but it was just the strangest feeling.....my legs were not cooperating with what my brain was telling them to do! A very rude-awakening for The Man, because apparently I make some horrible noises when I fall down!  He helped get to the bathroom (that was still a priority....big time) and then back to bed.  I now know that I have to take a few seconds to be sure I'm steady before I move forward.....lesson learned!

As for how I felt after chemo #2 yesterday -- very tired, and made it to bed quite early.  I awoke very early this morning, feeling wired and kind of like a junkie hopped up on steroids.....not that I have any clue as to how a junkie feels, but just guessing!  I am going to the gym with The Man in a few minutes, and we shall see how that goes.  Last time, chemo #1, Tuesday was a very good day, so I hope the same will be true today.

Once again, thank you all for your wonderful support and comments.....you are just the best!
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