A Few Random Items & A Big GiveAway Announcement!

Hey everyone!  Hope you're having a great start to the week.  I have just a few random things to share, but first I wanted to let you know about this "SUPER" giveaway that my friend, Liz @ Savvy Seasons, is having.  If you don't know Liz, or haven't visited her blog, please don't wait a second longer.  She has a great flair with decorating, & best of all, she knows how to make inexpensive items look fabulous.  She will even share with you where she makes her purchases.  What are you waiting for?  Go now, like right now, okay?

Now on to a few things I wanted to share.  You know awhile back I asked for opinions on recycling systems.  Well, we decided to sacrifice a lower cabinet for this setup:

The Man got this installed in no time, and it's working very well.

Okay, not pretty, I know!  This was the original dining room chandy, but the previous owner had it hooked up really close to the ceiling.  And apparently it wasn't important to have matching globes.....LOL!

This one looks much better in our dining room.

So what did we do with this one?

We changed out the globes & hung it in the breakfast area.

It cleaned up very well.

When we first moved into this new home, I wasn't sure if I would have enough storage.  So, I decided to use the portable island from our previous kitchen.  I kind of liked the expanded island area, but found that I really didn't need it for storage.  It also made it kind of crowded when we added the new table.  Soooo.....

Presto, change-o......much nicer without it.

This is what our kitchen cabinets looked like before we moved in.  Very plain -- no hardware!

We found exactly what we wanted at IKEA & love how they look.  Best of all, we love that we can easily access the cupboards now!

Well, that's enough "show 'n tell" for now, but there will be more to come.  Hope you enjoyed your visit and please come again soon.


  1. Hi Cas! I agree the place is so much nicer now. I've been hearing a lot about IKEA. Unfortunately, we don't have even a branch in the Philippines. We have retailers who sell few of their items.

  2. Very nice, Cas! I like the new chandy and your kitchen really has some personality now. Isn't it fun to change things around?!!


  3. So exciting to update and spiffy things up! Everything looks wonderful!!!

  4. That is a very pretty new light fixture, but I liked the old one too. The new one really does dress up your dining room. Everything is looking so good and festive at your new home!

  5. That looks so cute. Now am off to visit the other blog. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  6. Nice kitchen. Us AZ girls are always worried about storage...because we have no basements! Looks like you have quite a few cupboards tho....nice chandy change...

  7. Thank you Cas for all the kind words! *smile* You are so sweet!

    Love your new light fixture and hardware. You are so inspiring. Your new home is GORGEOUS! XO ~Liz

  8. Love your kitchen. Mine is too small but I know it gots potential. I am thinking of an island counter too, and get rid of my table. I have the stools, all I need is the island counter. Thanks for joining my blog.

  9. You have done a great job of sprucing your new home up and putting in those touches that make it home.

  10. Isn't it funny how small changes make such an impact? I need to look into one of those trash can things. I like that.

  11. The kitchen looks great with the new table and island showing so pretty!

  12. Wow adding the hardware made a huge difference. I am shocked, it looks good.

  13. Looks wonderful, great choices you made. I love the hardware. You are really going to enjoy your kitchen. Kathy

  14. Looks wonderful, great choices you made. I love the hardware. You are really going to enjoy your kitchen. Kathy

  15. I'm a pull out garbage/recycling fan as well!!

    Your updates are looking great!!

  16. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! I am glad to know of someone else who has this camera. I will certainly keep you in mind for all those question I am sure might come up. I've already taken several awesome basic photos. Now if I could only learn a little more!

  17. Hi Cas, I haven't been so good about visiting lately, lots of projects going on around here. I love the changes you have made in the kitchen, breakfast area. It must be so much fun having a new home (really close to the grandbabies, lol) that your getting to decorate.

  18. Looks great Cas! I just love Ikea!!

  19. Oh, CAS, now I have chandelier envy! Love the updates in your home. Thanks for your kind words on my post about using paint pens, I appreciate it. Still catching up but I'm picking up steam.

  20. Everything looks just great! You've made some really smart and lovely choices. Great hardware!

  21. Isn't it amazing what adding hardware to your cabinets can do for a kitchen! They look great and I'm with you they make opening the cabinets so much easier. I didn't have any on mine either and now that I do, I can't imagine my kitchen without them. Great job with the chandeliers as well! Thanks for always being so sweet to us gals at the picket fence. We appreciate you!


  22. WOW!!! It is just amazing to me how much HARDWARE makes a difference! I've been trying to decide if I should or shouldn't add hardware... I'm afraid that as soon as I do - it will be out of style -then I'll have to get new cupboards... but TO HECK WITH THAT!!! My cupboards look IDENTICAL to yours - and I'm going for HARDWARE all the way baby!!! YEP! I am! I think I'll start searching tomorrow... oh... my MR is gonna love THIS wild hair!! LOL!!!! (You would think after 28 years - he would be gettin' kinda use to my WILD ideas... wouldn't ya??? He isn't - he just rolls his eyes!) ... OHHH!!! I can NOT wait for morning! Eye rollin' partay here we come!!! LOL! I LOVE IT ALL!!!

    (and thanks for stopping by too! I've got my eyes on you girl!!! LOL!)

  23. Cas that looks perfect under your sink. I love to see organizing ideas. Thanks for telling me about your photo. I'll check out your Pinterest. I'm just now adding Facebook and Pinterest to my blog. I'm way behind on that for sure. It seems like fun!

    Have a lovely weekend my friend.
    Warmly, ~Melissa :)

  24. The new chandy is great! We have a VERY similar trash system and love it. It works well for us.


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