A good deal? You tell me!

Hey everyone!  If you've been reading my blog for awhile, or at least since we moved, you know I mentioned that I really wanted to get a kitchen table to replace the bar-height table.  I really had a vision of a round table that would accommodate at least 6 people, maybe more if I could get one with a leaf.  I wanted to have casual family meals in the kitchen eating area where we (me) wouldn't worry about little ones & my light-colored carpeted dining room.....lol, I would try not to fret about that, but I know I would. Well, I had been watching Craigslist with no luck until a couple of days ago.  The seller was located in my town -- can you believe that?  We drove over last night, liked what we saw, bought it and brought it home. Do you want to see?

First, let me share a description of what I purchased......I know, I'm such a tease!  I got a 48" round, claw-foot, oak table with a 24" leaf, 2 captains chairs, 4 side chairs, & a complete set of custom table pads, including one for the leaf.  The seller told me it was 30-40 years old, so not in pristine condition & that the chairs needed a bit of TLC.  So, in actuality, 2 of the side chairs need quite a bit of work but the others aren't in bad shape.  Soooo...........

I'm only going to use the 4 best chairs until we (meaning The Man) gets the other 2 repaired.

The set was in bad need of cleaning, & it was very thirsty!  Oops, Abby had to give the set her approval!

Someone had actually used a couple of the chairs when they were painting, because the seats were very scuffed & there were paint spatters all over them.  Who does that?  And yes, a spindle is missing.  We'll replace it with one from the really bad chair!

Love the base and legs -- both were in good shape with little or no scuffing.

Here I've used Old English on just half of the back -- amazing difference.  I love the detail in the carving on the back of the chairs.

Here I have one finished & one not.

Now on to the table top.  Before......

.....and After.

The base & the feet came out beautifully!

Ta-Da!  I just love it!  Now, would you like to know how much I paid?  Of course you would.
I paid $125.  Yes, I said $125!  I'm absolutely "giddy" with excitement about this purchase, but you tell me, did I get a good deal?

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