Our Babysitting Gig!

Hey everyone!  Thought I'd better let you know that we ALL survived our two youngest "grands" spending the day with us on Wednesday while our son and DIL moved into their new home.  Flynn is such a "Momma's girl" I was a bit apprehensive that she might really miss her and get sad.  Luckily that didn't happen.  Sorry, Ally!  We don't have a lot of toys here, YET, but all the grands seem to really have fun with what we do have.  I did make a point of purchasing a couple of reading books, some coloring books & crayons, & the cutest darn porcelain tea set (more on that later).

That cubby-hole behind Flynn is part of the family room entertainment center & has become the perfect place for toys.  I do need to get some decorative baskets for the smaller items.  Some of you may recognize the FP toys that Flynn is playing with, but this farm and castle are circa 1976ish.  Yep, they belonged to our children when they were little, & I've been hauling them around ever since.  I just couldn't part with them, & our "grands" just love playing with them!

Miss Avery brought her own Baby Einstein to hang out in most of the time.  She's not quite crawling, but is starting to scoot backwards & kept getting herself stuck in that corner beside the sofa.  We were all much happier when she was in this rounder-thingy.

We played some dress-up with Nana's jewelry, & she mimicked me taking her picture.  The she took my picture, but it was late in the day & there's no way you're gonna see that!

Avery's still chil-laxing, but just about ready for a nap.

While Avery took a nap, Flynn, her dolly & Nana had a tea party.  I found the little porcelain, polka-dot tea set at Walmart -- can you believe that?  I had made some banana muffins earlier in the day & made some of them in my mini-muffin tin.  Flynn wasn't quite sure what was going to take place but caught on very quickly.

Going from a sippy cup to this tiny little teapot & cups was no small feat, but she was so careful & did such a great job.  We were having lemonade for tea!

She made the cutest little "slurping" noise when she drank her "tea!"  She even invited Bapa in for a cup & a muffin.  A great time was had by all, & thirty minutes later, she wanted to do it all over again....lol!

And this is what an almost three-hour nap does for you!  You just look at her and she smiles!

Well, I won't say we weren't tired by the time their parents arrived to pick them up, because all you "grammas & grampas" out there would know I was fibbing, but we did have such a fun day with these little sweeties.  Thanks for stopping by and letting me be a doting Nana.  Hope to see you again soon!


  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by highpointcircle@blogspot.com for a visit and becoming my newest follower. It perks up my day to meet you and your blog. Please visit anytime. I love your blog header!

  2. Thanks, Robin, for coming over to visit & for following me back. It's always fun meeting new friends!
    :) CAS

  3. Hey Carol, looks like a fun day!
    Of course I would be biased towards the older FP toys but I think they are great too. On a wonderful note regarding children, we just had a local boy found safe after being abducted 4 days ago, everyone is so relieved all over the province.
    Is that pic of the front door on the header your?

    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  4. I love this post! What precious grand children!

  5. Hi Carol. What cute little precious grandbabies you have! I'm so glad that you enjoyed your day together. And yes - they will wear you out - but in a good way! Take care.


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