Halloween + Family = FUN!

Hey everyone, & Happy Halloween!  We had a family Halloween dinner party on Sunday.  It started out much bigger, but life happens & we dwindled from 12 to 6 attending.  Missed the rest of the gang, but we had a fantastic "family-time" anyway.  

Our weather has finally gotten a "wee-bit" cooler, so now we can start to enjoy our patio.  It's still quite a blank slate out there & landscaping that area is not a priority right now.  I did do some cleaning up yesterday and decided to "Fall it Up" a little .  Here are some daytime shots, & maybe one of these days I'll remember to take some in the evening......LOL!

I prefer to use the vinyl tablecloths on this table because the little ones like to color and all kinds of other activities out here......makes cleanup much easier.

I know, we need some more furniture :(!

This patio is huge!

Ya'll are gonna laugh about this.  I had a couple of containers of plants that just didn't survive the move, mainly because I was so busy inside that I kept forgetting to water them.  I pulled out a few of the dead branches, but left some to use as the base for my pumpkins, gourds, & pinecones.

How's that for creating on-the-fly?  Heehee!

If you want to see how our previous patio looked for a Halloween Dinner Party last year, go HERE.

Inside got a few tweaks here and there.  Yeah, I know, hard to believe......LOL!  Actually, it was mainly just adding some little extras for the kidlets.

Made these for the "Grands."
Trick-or-Treating has to be special at Nana's, so I took some scrapbook paper,

 made little closure tops for some cello bags I found at Walmart, and 

filled them with little Halloween toys (& candy, of course) & presto, cute treat bags 
for my little sweeties!  
Made a couple of extras for my neighbors little 4 year old twin boys, too.

Bats, bats, & more bats along with.......

Ghosts (but not too spooky) are what's adorning my.......

Kitchen chandy.  What I won't do for those "Grands!"

Now what?  Tootsie Pops, plus kleenex, some string & a marking pen =

Oh no, more ghosts!  I added a bunch of these to a little glass container & it became part of my tablescape.  You'll see that in just a bit!

My menu plan for our dinner was:
Hummus with veggies
Do ya'll like Hummus?  It's a favorite around here.

For the veggie holders, I took some clear glass votive cups ($Store) and......

Covered them with some more scrapbook paper for instant CUTE!  Ooops, forgot to take a pic with the veggies -- oh well!

French Bread -- Can you smell it?

Spinach & Baby Greens Salad

And the STAR of our meal -- Dinner in a Pumpkin 
For the recipe go HERE

This smells heavenly while it's cooking.

If you have more than will fit in the pumpkin, just pop it in a casserole & cook it along side the pumpkin.

And for dessert -- Berry Cobbler
This is a Pioneer Woman Recipe which you can find HERE

With everything that was going on, I forgot to take a pic until we had started serving this, but you can see all the deliciousness just oozing out!  We topped each slice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Now, on to my table.

Since we were just a small, intimate group, I chose to serve our meal family-style at the kitchen table.

I've had this tablecloth for years & just love the beautiful colors.

I kept the centerpiece very small and compact so there would be room for food -- the most important thing, right?

You can see how I made this pumpkin HERE.

I added my little Fall cream & sugar set and my 3 year old "Grand" thought we were having a tea party!

There's the little container of ghosts that I talked about earlier.

I love all these colors together!  The chargers are from Walmart, last year, as are the salad plates.  The large plate is part of my Fiesta collection - this one is "Sunflower."

Just had to show another place setting.  I just recently found these napkins at Tuesday Morning & love how well they look with the tablecloth and the dishes.

Now, the most important part of the party plan!

3 year old Flynn, aka:  Super Girl!  I keep lots of toys & art supplies in those large baskets you can see in the background, & she goes to those immediately -- well after lots of hugs & kisses, of course!

9-month old Avery, aka:  Just plain cute, front or.......

back!  I could just eat those little toes, oh, and that sweet little neck!

We just had the best time with our son, dil, & the little kidlets!

I thought I would wrap up with just a few shots of our Halloween night experience here in our new neighborhood.  

Do you think this is enough?  We were told to plan for at least 200 Trick-or-Treaters.

Everyone here in our neighborhood seems to plant themselves in front of their homes, so we decided to do the same.  I don't know what fashion look The Man was going for, but I do believe the rolled up jeans are a subtle hint to me that I need to do some hemming....LOL!

Made some luminaries.

The adults & children liked these.

The neighbors across the street had so many Jack-o-Lanterns going that it totally illuminated their house.

At about 6:30, our street came alive with children and adults.  At times it was hard to know who was having the most fun.  This particular group were all 3 year olds & it literally looked like the moms were trying to "herd cats!"  They were all just adorable.

It was such a fun evening for us, & we are seriously thinking of setting up a "Spiced Wine Bar" for the adults next year.  We met lots of our neighbors who made a special point of introducing themselves & welcoming us to the community.  And the "grand total" of treats handed out was just shy of 200!  

We truly loved the evening.  Hope all of you had a great Halloween, too!  Thank you for stopping by & please come again soon!

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  1. It looks like you had a blast! So did we. I love you tootsie pop ghosts, they are too cute. And of couse supergirl!

  2. How fun! I am coming to your house next year, ours was LAMO!

  3. wow! lots of inspirations. I used to make the little ghost suckers when I was little- Love that.
    I couldn't help but notice the ghost jars on your kitchen table...so cute!!

  4. Hi Cas! I've been offline from the blogosphere for a week. And I think I missed a lot from your posts. :-(

    There are a lot of pictures to love in this post. But what I love the most, your table setting. I fell in love with the bright colors! It's so worthy of a magazine feature.

  5. Hi Cas! I've been offline from the blogosphere for a week. And I think I missed a lot from your posts. :-(

    There are a lot of pictures to love in this post. But what I love the most, your table setting. I fell in love with the bright colors! It's so worthy of a magazine feature.

  6. Hello! Such lovely photos. I can tell you really enjoyed your Halloween dinner party.

  7. Um, I'm exhausted after reading this!!! The food looks delish! The kiddos are adorable. Your neighborhood sounds like ours. Tons of kids & everyone sits outside handing out candy & all the adults have an adult beverage too. What a fun night!

  8. Your table layout is so cute and sweet, and i especially love the spooks and bats dangling from the lights...how cute! :D

    Thanx for stopping by Sweet & Savoury Delights and following too. :) I'm a new follower here. :D


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