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Hey everyone!  I hope you are all having a safe and special weekend.  I hope everyone takes time to remember our Veterans, past and present, who have fought and sacrificed to make this "The Land of the Free."  To all Veterans, I say "Thank you for your service."

Well, last week I gave you a little "tease" about something that was going to be happening in our kitchen.  Being that I'm not a super-patient person (except with my "Grands"), I was delighted at the speed with which this project happened.  It was exactly a week from start-to-finish.  Woohoo!  Last Friday, measurements were taken and a template was made for.......NEW GRANITE COUNTERTOPS!  I know that many, many of you already have granite & have had it for ages, but not me.  This is the first time, & I'm just thrilled!  So, on Tuesday, we got the call that they were ready & could be installed on Thursday morning, starting at 7AM.  We spent Wednesday afternoon removing everything from the existing countertops & drawers.

What a lot of stuff!

This is what the kitchen looked like at 6AM Thursday morning.

Not at all sad to see this go "bye-bye!"

Then at 6:40, this pulled up in front of our home.

These guys were "Worker Bees" and made short order of removing all the tile.
They were really careful and cleaned up as they moved along.

The first piece of granite.

I love the double bullnose edge.

I'm so excited to see the sink!

This crew worked so fast & efficiently & were finished by Noon!  
A plumber came on Friday morning to hook up the new stainless sink & faucets.  And by Friday evening, we were back in business.


 Pretty much everything went back to its original place, but I did do a few tweaks here & there.  And that surprises you how?

We extended the island by a foot to accommodate stools if we want to use them.

We may add some brackets or legs at some point.

We have some minor touch-up painting to do but not much.


 I'm lovin' this sink.  It's called a 60/40 & is super-deep.   

I love the high backsplash, and the crew did a beautiful job of cutting the granite around the shutter.

 The faucet is so sleek & there is even a soap-dispenser. 

Now, what would you put in this cute Rooster dispenser -- hand soap or lotion?

The island is now 4'x5' and is such a wonderful work space.......

& display area.

Ya know how one thing leads to another, so now we want to replace these two light fixtures.  I could really use some advice here from all you inspiring bloggers.

I've seen a small chandy & matching double pendant lights that have the light alabaster globes with a polished nickel finish, & I like them.  My dilemma is whether the polished nickel is going to look okay with my little vintage table & chairs?  Also, the adjacent family room has a fan-light fixture that is dark wood with dark fittings, but it is close to the ceiling.  Do I even need to take that into consideration when choosing the two kitchen/eating area fixtures?  Please, I could really use your input.

A better view of our breakfast table.

Everything looks so much better on these countertops.

It has actually gotten chilly enough that The Man lit the pilot light and we had a fire in the fireplace last night.  We haven't had a fireplace in almost 20 years (don't really need one in this part of AZ), & we are lovin' the ease of flipping the switch!  It was just so cozy!

Thank you so much for allowing me to share another remodeling project with tons of photos.  I love it when you stop by and leave a comment, so please drop by any time.

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