Just a little something I stitched up!

Hey everyone!  I know all of you have seen these little camera strap covers all over blogland, but in the event you might want to make one, I thought I'd share my simple method.  I scrounged through my fabric stash & came up with something I liked, and since we are into the season of gifts, I decided to make a second one as a gift for someone special to me.  I can't say anymore, she sometimes reads my blog.....shhhhh.

This is a pic of the one all ready finished & on my camera & the other one is in progress.
All I did was cut 2 pieces of the background fabric 2 1/2" x 25", but you should measure the wide part of your camera strap in case they vary in size.  Then I cut a piece of the top fabrics (the red & turquoise) 2 1/2" x 40".

These longer pieces will be the ruffle.  I turned under all sides about 1/4" & then did a decorative stitch which you can just barely see.  You could do a straight stitch or zigzag.  I just have these fancy stitches on my machine that I almost never use, so I thought I'd play a bit....lol!

Then you do a running stitch down the center & gather it up to fit one of the background pieces.  Don't fret over this, it does not have to be perfect.  And just because I already had this ribbon, I placed it over my gathering & stitched it right to my background piece in one step.

Please excuse my awful old hands.  They are "worker bees" & only get slathered with cream every once in awhile.....lol!  I'm attempting to show you my little decorative stitch.

Next you will pin the 2 background fabrics right sides together, enclosing the ruffle.  It's easier if you just pin one side at a time & stitch so you can keep the ruffle out of the way.  Then stitch the other side.  Just remember to leave the ends open.

I decided I wanted to reinforce the side seams, so I just did a quick zigzag down both sides.

Turn the strap right side out & give it a light press & VOILA.....

Undo the camera strap on one side & slide on the cover.  Then pat yourself on the back & take a goofy picture!  All kidding aside, the strap cover really is a lot more comfy on your neck!

Thanks so much for stopping by and allowing me to share.  I'm still hoping to have a big reveal for you by Friday or Saturday.  Stay tuned....wink,wink!

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