Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey, everyone!  I hope ya'll are ready for a fabulous Thanksgiving Day.  I think I am ready, despite having had two of our grandchildren here Monday & Tuesday & falling off my bike.  Yeah, you read that right.  We have amassed enough bikes here so all the "Grands" have one to ride, so The Man scurried around and got all the bikes in good working order, including mine.  It has been a gazillion years since I rode a bike, and although I was a bit wobbly, I was doing pretty well until.......me and said-bike parted ways at a curb!  It could have been so much worse, but I did get a scraped knee & a really banged-up hand, wrist & lower arm.  I didn't break anything which is a total miracle!  I would show you a picture, but everything from my elbow down is "puffy" and a yucky shade of "eggplant!"  And......it's my right hand!  Thank goodness it was on our second day with the kidlets & not the first!

Anyway, I thought I'd share some Thanksgiving Day tablescapes & a few glimpses of my start on Christmas decorating.  I usually serve Thanksgiving dinner in the dining room, family-style.  This year I'm changing it up.  I got this idea from Kim at Savvy Southern Style, & she got it from someone else -- bless the many talents and wonderful ideas of bloggers!  There will only be six of us celebrating today, so I decided to keep it more casual & sup in the breakfast room.  I also have chosen to do a buffet (thanks, Kim).  My island is pretty big, so I decorated the very center with lots of Fall/Thanksgiving decor & did the table the same way.  I started clearing away all the Fallish decor yesterday, but kept out some key items.  It's my last dose of all these things that I so adore & my way of showing respect to this wonderful day of Thanksgiving.

First, the island.

Snacks & drinks will be served from this side

The main dishes will go here.  Because I placed all the decor items on a runner, I can always slide it back a bit if we need more space.

This wind-up snow globe plays "Turkey in the Straw."

I'm gonna miss all these colors.

The table is set with my Fiesta dishes sitting on chargers from Walmart last year.

I kept everything right in the center since we will have "young" ladies at the table, & I didn't want it to be difficult for them to maneuver around things.

The candles are not too tall so everyone can see everyone else!

A few glimpses of the beginning of Christmas decorating.

More to come about this later.

Always use this cute sugar/creamer set from Fiesta during this time of year.

Construction took place while the "Grands" were here!

A sweet gift from The Man.

Thank you so much for stopping by.  I wish you a very warm and happy Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends.

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