Grateful Me!

Hey, everyone!  It's not very often that you get a post from me that's not heavily laden with photos, but this will be one for the record books!  I just wanted to express my gratitude to a couple of lovely party hosts who have featured two of my posts.  Last week, Jody and Stan at Rooted in Thyme for Simple and Sweet Fridays, featured my A Little Fall Re-Cap Tour.  It was my first time, ever, to be featured, and I was beyond thrilled.  Then, today I was visiting one of my favorite bloggers, Brenda at Cozy Little House for Tweak It Tuesday, and discovered that she had featured my And You Thought I Was Finished -- Ha! Ha! post!  Wow, I am so flattered by both of these features.  I do not blog for monetary purposes, but I think that's a wonderful thing for those who choose to do that.   I blog for the sole purpose of having fun and sharing my various passions.  I really never expected to have any Followers (heck, I really didn't understand that whole "follower-thing") when I started this little blog two years ago.  I couldn't imagine that anyone would find interest in much of anything I had to say;  but it was a low time in my life, so it was kind of like "therapy" for me.  Now it has turned into a "passion" for all the wonderful friendships that I've made and the strong bonds that feed my soul.  So, yes, I am so grateful to Jody and Stan, and to Brenda for this special recognition; but I am also very, very grateful to those of you who follow and make such lovely, sweet comments on my little blog.

Thank you, sweet friends.  I am humbled.
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