Making the Switch -- Fall to Christmas!

Hey everyone!  Hope you've been enjoying a wonderful weekend just as we have been doing.   Our Arizona desert temps have dropped considerably which definitely adds a "spring" to my step.  I was finally able to unearth some long-sleeve tops from the deep recesses of my closet -- YAY!

The Man has been working on a big "outside" project (not sure when the reveal will be on that, but it will be a good one), and I've been sewing and counting the days until I could start my Christmas decorating.  Well, yesterday was the start -- I put away all the Fall decor!

This is what my garage looked like -- YIKES!

I love the storage racks that The Man installed -- such a great use of that upper space!  Ours raise and lower (it's kind of hard to see) & were purchased at Costco Online.  The link is HERE if you are interested.  He has one more to install.

Ta Da -- all packed away! 
 All the Christmas will be stored on the other 2 racks.

I must admit, it felt a bit strange packing away my pilgrims and turkeys, but I'm not hosting our family Thanksgiving this year.  Our son and DIL are taking that one on.  Besides, I've truly enjoyed all my Fall/Halloween/ & Thanksgiving decor since early September, so now I'm ready to start Christmas.  

I don't like storing things in those cardboard moving boxes, but we were just getting things stashed away in whatever we had available last year.

I already have more of the sturdy plastic bins for the "after the holidays" clean up this year.
I can hardly wait to dig in!

My whole holiday process began a couple of weeks ago by doing some pre-planning, Pintering, and having my Little Holiday Book on my desk and open for business.  Do you remember my little book?
If you want to see what this is all about, you can find it HERE  I've been very busy making notes and sketching ideas.

 I started this book back in 2007.  Wow, has my style ever changed and it's so fun to reminece!

My physical process begins by removing all the extra decor items, even the ones I will incorporate back in, and then giving the house a thorough cleaning -- I don't want  to do much dusting once everything is in place -- NO WAY!  Don't worry, I'm not planning to share photos of my cleaning process.  Just suffice it to say, it involves dusting mitts on my hands, swifters tucked into my belt loops, ladders & lots of COFFEE!

Just in case you dozed off with this post, I will have another one up later today or tomorrow morning.  It will be a fun one -- a "REVEAL!"  So stay tuned.  Now for me, I'm going to gulp down a protein smoothie and get to work!

Thanks so much, sweet friends, for stopping by and please come again soon.


  1. Hi Carol, I must admit, I am very intrigued, I can't wait to see the reveal! It's always exciting putting one season away and taking out another. Love your storage system, super cool. We desperately need one in our garage! Hurry up now, I'm on pins and needles. ;) Looking forward to your next post. XO ~Liz

  2. WOW....so much energy on this cool morning in November. Can't wait to see the rest. Hugs.

  3. You go girl, can't wait to see all your Christmas goodies:)

  4. Oh, thank you! I am looking for an excuse to get out the Christmas things! Sounds like some wonderful posts coming up! I want to find out more about your planning book now...

  5. Well, I host Thanksgiving so I'll keep mine out till that day is over then start Christmas:) I'll be back to see what you have to show us!


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