My First Give-Away!

Hey everyone!   I'm very excited today to announce my very first Give-Away!  I've been on the "receiving" end of several give-aways, so I decided it was time to give back.  You may remember, a month or so ago, I shared the exciting news about this new cookbook.......

This cookbook is all about cooking with high quality ingredients and simple preparations, cooking seasonally, and avoiding the crutches of sugar, salt and fat.  It is not a "health" cookbook, but rather a "good food" book filled with great-tasting recipes that just happen to be good for you!

It has been on Amazon's Best Seller List as well as The New York Times Best Seller List. 

It is already into its second printing.

This handsome young man is our son.  He is the one behind all the recipes.  He spent over a year in the "test kitchen," creating, tweaking and taste-testing every recipe for this cookbook.

Well, guess what?


I am so excited about giving away one of these books to one of my lovely
and sweet fellow bloggers.  The rules are simple:

1.  You must follow my blog and leave me a comment that you are following,
     for one chance to win.

2.  Share this give-away on your blog and leave me a comment to that regard, 
     for a second chance.

Simple, right?  A winner will be chosen at random and announced on December 1st!

I truly hope you will participate in this give-away and "Good Luck to One & All!"



  1. I would love a cookbook with healthy recipes. Hope your Thanksgiving weekend has been great so far :-)

  2. Yum! That sounds like a great cookbook. I enjoy following your blog.

  3. It would be an honor to have one of these cookbooks. I love Dr. Weil & I'm sure that your son is just as great. You know I follow your every move. Hugs.

  4. This sounds like a fantastic cookbook. Awesome giveaway. Following via GFC. Happy holidays! :)

  5. Hi Carol! Count me in! Although I don't cook, this will be a great gift for my mom. She would appreciate this if I win this for her. I follow you Google for years already :)

    And as for your question about the red beans on my Korean ice cream.. Honestly, I don't know the exact answer too. However, I believe the company did some transformation to the red beans and perhaps mixed up with other ingredients to make it fit to an ice cream.

  6. I've been following you for a while Carol, how proud you must be of your son!

  7. Wow Carol, that is so cool that your son worked on this book with Dr. Weil. I've been an admirer of his for years. Thanks so much for this generous giveaway. I am a long time follower. Thanks for visiting me, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  8. Looks like a wonderful cookbook! Even better that your son is a part of it. Please add my name to this giveaway. I am a follower of your blog.

  9. Hi Cas,
    Oh boy, I would love to have this cookbook, thank you for the opportunity! How exciting for your son to be the one behind all the fabulous recipes. :) XOXO ~Liz

  10. I follow you! What a great giveaway!

  11. I am following you on GFC. I am trying to teach myself to cook for my family and I would love this! You must be so proud :) Thank you for hosting this :)


  12. I am following as Renee G on GFC and would love to have this cookbook

  13. I am following!

  14. Oh my, congrats to you son, what a neat thing!
    I am a follower and would love to win this!

  15. I am a follower on GFC

    emsfsemsfs at gmail dot com

  16. Oh Cas, I have no idea how I missed this post. You know I have been dying for this cookbook, but decided to wait when I "heard thru the grapevine" that you would be having a "give a way". Of coarse I am a follower of your lovely blog. How amazing to have a child with such wonderful accomplishments. Congrats to him, and you and hubby for rearing him to be what he is today.

  17. You know i am a happy follower. Please count me in xo

  18. I follow you by email :-)


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