My First Give-Away!

Hey everyone!   I'm very excited today to announce my very first Give-Away!  I've been on the "receiving" end of several give-aways, so I decided it was time to give back.  You may remember, a month or so ago, I shared the exciting news about this new cookbook.......

This cookbook is all about cooking with high quality ingredients and simple preparations, cooking seasonally, and avoiding the crutches of sugar, salt and fat.  It is not a "health" cookbook, but rather a "good food" book filled with great-tasting recipes that just happen to be good for you!

It has been on Amazon's Best Seller List as well as The New York Times Best Seller List. 

It is already into its second printing.

This handsome young man is our son.  He is the one behind all the recipes.  He spent over a year in the "test kitchen," creating, tweaking and taste-testing every recipe for this cookbook.

Well, guess what?


I am so excited about giving away one of these books to one of my lovely
and sweet fellow bloggers.  The rules are simple:

1.  You must follow my blog and leave me a comment that you are following,
     for one chance to win.

2.  Share this give-away on your blog and leave me a comment to that regard, 
     for a second chance.

Simple, right?  A winner will be chosen at random and announced on December 1st!

I truly hope you will participate in this give-away and "Good Luck to One & All!"


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