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Hey everyone!  I hope y'all are having a great week and a wonderful start to your summer.  We've jumped right into hot weather around here, but "it's a dry heat, ya know!"  I took off for a little "retail therapy" this morning.  I haven't done that in quite awhile, and I NEEDED it!  I decided Hob Lob would probably give me a pretty good "fix," and they seldom let me down.  

Y'all know I love to scrapbook and one of my favorite scrapbooking "geniuses" is Becky Higgins of Project Life fame.  She has wonderful products which have been available via Amazon, but now are in some retail markets -- yes, you guessed it.....Hobby Lobby!  So that was my main reason for going to HL, and they did not disappoint.

I bought the Honey Edition Core Kit.

The colors are really fun!  I can't wait to get started!

If you like to scrapbook but aren't familiar with Becky and Project Life, you should go to her blog HERE.  If scrapbooking isn't your thing, just ignore my gushing!  

What was really so funny, and I don't know why I was so shocked, but I was.  On my way back to the scrapbooking area of Hob Lob, I decided to take a spin through the first couple of aisles where they generally have the current seasonal displays.  Well, there was one aisle of Patriotic items for the 4th, but then I turned down the next aisle and "What to my wandering eyes should appear?"...............

Fall and Thanksgiving have arrived!

Who knew it was just around the corner?

Hmmm.....don't we have Summer to enjoy?  Well, some of you get to enjoy it;  here in AZ, we just tolerate it and try to survive.  So maybe these Fall displays aren't so far off the mark.  What do you think -- YES?  NO?  MAYBE?  You certainly have plenty of time to budget and buy just an item here and there.  At least they didn't have any Halloween spookiness or bags of candy yet!

To conclude my Wednesday afternoon randomness, I just had to share some cuteness!

Abby likes to sit on the back of my TV chair -- that's why there is a cover!  The Man took this one with his cell phone, so not such a great pic.

I took this one and the next with my iPad over my shoulder.  She has kind of a "ho-hum" attitude about having her picture taken!

She's not "Grumpy Cat" just "Sleepy Cat!"

With that I will bid you a great afternoon.  I'm thinking a tall iced coffee latte is in order and some scrapbooking with my new stuff!  Hope you are enjoying your afternoon.  Thanks for stopping by and remember you are always welcome!


  1. First, I'm laughing that you called it "Hob Lob" because I call it that too. I couldn't believe it last week when I was there and saw them putting out the fall stuff. Summer isn't even close to starting around here.

  2. My husband calls it Hob Lob too! Too funny. I haven't been there in a good month, maybe a bit more, and I had no idea the fall stuff was out already. Yikes...nothing like rushing the seasons. That's kind of silly, but I guess they know their demographic. I still need to change my dining room table decor from spring to summer...I better not let anybody from Hobby Lobby see! Haha.

  3. Oh No! Fall is already out? Good grief! Now I am wondering if they are already having to deal with that at my old job. Not my problem anymore! LOL! Anyhow, I have never scrap booked as it looked like something that would take a lot of time. However, I have recently found myself very enchanted with all the patterns of papers and the cute little embellishments. I am starting to wonder if this may be something in my future. I would enjoy seeing some of your projects. Sounds like you had a great day!

  4. I scrapbook too, but I don't have a lot of time to do it these days. Because of that, I've just started attaching pics to scrap paper, writing a quick description under the pic, and placing them in page protectors. Then I put them in a ring binder. I tried using all the cute embellishments, etc. but found I'm too impatient. LOL! I know a lot of people don't print out pics now, but I'm old school and still print out everything and put it into albums. :) Love seeing the sweet pics of Abby!!

  5. Nooooo to fall decorating!! I hate that they put stuff out so early.

  6. Oh your cat really is darling! I once had a Persian cat named Joey that would straddle the arm of the couch and watch tv.

    Cant wait to hear about your scrapbook supplies.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Laura! Yes, Abby was quite a great little find at the Humane Society -- we truly lucked out!

  7. I can't believe the Fall stuff out already! Right now here in Pa. it's raining hard...been raining all day! Love your kitty and the scrapbook supplies look interesting!

  8. Hi Carol,
    Your kitty is cute, and looks very relaxed. Mine likes to get up on the back of the couch when we are sitting there and then comes and bangs her head into ours. Drives us crazy!! lol
    Looks like some fun scrapbooking supplies and really can't believe they already have
    Fall stuff out........to far off for me to think about.

    Have fun with your scrapbooking and your latte.
    Blessings, Nellie

  9. Carol, your cat is really cute! How crazy it is that they already have the Fall decor out! Last year, at the end of July, while we were enjoying 113 degree weather, our local HL already had all the Christmas trees outside in the entrance hallway. Amazing!
    Enjoy you scrapbooking!

  10. Those project life kits are fantastic! UGH! I hate it when retailers "push" holidays on us early. I'm just now getting geared-up for Independence Day! Is Abby reading over your shoulder? Cute photos!


  11. I also want to tell you that I love your header and the colorful icons below it....so cheerful!


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