The Farm at South Mountain

Hey everyone!  Hope y'all are having a great weekend!  I wanted to share a "new-to-me" place here in the Phoenix area.  It's called The Farm and is one of the most charming places I've ever seen.  The story and some of the pics are directly from their website -- sadly I only had my iPhone that day, so my photos do not do this wonderful place the justice it so deserves.

The Man discovered this charming place quite by accident
and knew I would love going there.  So, a couple of weeks
ago, we decided to go have breakfast -- it was still cool 
enough to enjoy being outside, so we took it all in!


This is what you see as you enter the grounds -- 
                 lots and lots of pecan trees.

One of three restaurants sits to the right of this pecan grove.  
This one is called The Farm Kitchen, and you can order
sandwiches & get them packed up in a picnic basket to take
out into the grove where there are lots and lots of picnic tables.

The Story of The Farm at South Mountain
In keeping with the early philosophy, the ten acres just south of Southern and 32nd Street was planted with 100 pecan trees, and for over 40 years was nurtured by a retired cattleman by the name of Skeeter Coverdale. Ultimately Skeeter determined it was too much work to care for the trees and harvest the 5,000 pounds of nuts each year. He wanted to move to Punkin Center where he could buy a trailer, "drink beer, swat flies, and tell lies" - and that's what he did! 

Today, the owner, A. Wayne Smith, has preserved the wondrous sense of rural tranquility and vision of sustainability with independently owned businesses that contribute to the cultural, educational, restorative and economic environments that thrive on the historic land. According to Gourmet Magazine, dining beneath the pecan trees at The Farm "... is a spiritual experience for those who journey to this 12-acre organic oasis." 

This is Morning Glory Cafe where we had breakfast.  About halfway through our meal, almost every table was in use!

This was the view from our table -- part of the organic vegetable garden and 
Maya's Farm, a small, sustainable operation which produces high-quality specialty   vegetables, herbs, flowers and eggs for local markets, restaurants and schools.  They were loading up the most beautiful bundles of sunflowers to take to various markets the day we were there.

This was a succulent garden with some of the most unusual plants 
I've ever seen.

The Artists' Studio is a fun little place to buy something very unique and special.  Memorial Day weekend was their last day of the season, 
but they re-open in September.

 This is another restaurant, Quiessence, a 4-star charmer that usually requires reservations.  We couldn't get any closer, because it was being all set up for a special dinner.  Over to the far left is a pizza
or bread oven.  You can have your own private table in front of it.

 I was truly on "sensory overload," and just couldn't get enough of the wonderful serenity of this place.

All of the restaurants will be closing this month (too hot to eat outside), but will re-open in September.  I'm looking forward to visiting again.

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  1. Looks like a special place - that breakfast cafe looks just heavenly :-)

  2. I love this place & have visited lots of times. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a lovely place. I would love to visit someday.

  4. Hi Carol,
    Just wanted to stop by and say hello and let you know even though I have been missing from my own blog (Kat Happy Haven) for over 2 years I still visit yours and stop in to see the beautiful things you create. I found out from another blogger how important it is for those of us who read to let the blogger know we are indeed here. I am here.
    I lived in Tempe many years ago for about 6 months, heard of The Farm but never got a chance to experience it so this post was a way to learn more about it from yours!
    Thanks for your wonderful blog, Carol.


    1. I don't know if you will get this message, Kathie, but I hope so. I was very touched that you visit my blog. I'm sorry that you are no longer blogging, but maybe you will again some time. I'm glad you knew about The Farm and hope you will get to visit it some day. Take care.


  5. Thanks for sharing such a terrific place with us! It's just a beautiful place to enjoy. I had to stop and wonder why it would close in the summer and then I remembered your heat. Everything here closes down in late fall!


  6. My kind of place! The captures are great even though you only used your iPhone. I can see this as a perfect, quiet and relaxing getwaway from the city.

    Enjoy the weekend Cas!

  7. Yes, it is a wonderful place!

  8. Oooh - this sounds like my kind of place, Carol! Too, too bad that AZ is so far from NC. :(

  9. This looks like a beautiful place! We have places that close the outside dining too in the heat of the summer. I remember it was so weird when we were in San Francisco in July and they had HEATERS by the outside dining areas! Such different climates. :) I love places like this that have a history to them. It looks like the dining had plenty of shade too. Such a neat place!

  10. A bit of country charm in a tropical surrounding. I like the contrast.


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