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Hey everyone!  I hope y'all are having a wonderful Father's Day.  My home smells so delicious right now with a pot roast cooking in the slow cooker and The Pioneer Woman's Blackberry Cobbler has just finished baking!  There will be mashed potatoes, baby sweet peas and a big bowl of "fresh from the garden" cherry tomatoes , too!  Our son, dil and the two little ones will be coming over for one of Mom's "tried and true" family dinners, and I can't wait!  It will be another hour or so before they get here, so I thought I'd put together a quick post.  The reason for the title of this post is because I have once again "tweaked" my Momma-Cave.  I know, you must really be tired of seeing this room by now, but I'm lovin' what I've done and y'all know you want to see!  Really?  You do, don't you?

Just to refresh your memory about what it looked like when I did my very first reveal of my craft room. If you want to see that reveal, go HERE.
I really thought that IKEA corner unit was going to be just perfect, but with its depth, I literally had to get a step stool and climb on top of it to access the window -- real pain in the "you know what!"

Absolutely not enough room for sewing here.

My next redo was to switch my desk/computer area with my sewing area.  You can see that in its entirety HERE and HERE.   This arrangement lasted for quite awhile, but still felt cramped with wasted space back in the corner.  Got tired of climbing on top of this unit to get to the window -- argh!

Next came some rearranging of the JetMax cubes and moving my desk further right.  Being all the same level helped make the space feel less congested.  Still, I kept making little sketches, trying to come up with a better plan and finally something clicked.

Now this is what you see when you walk into the room.

Not all the furniture is lining the walls.

Much more open.

My desk-computer area didn't change, except for a bit of re-excessorizing.

This is the area that changed the most.
I removed the corner unit and replaced it with another IKEA table like the one I had for my scrapping area.  Instead of side-by-side, I placed them back-to-back which gave me so much more room.  I was even able to add a few more JetMax units under the window for more storage of sewing supplies.

And do you see?  I can now reach the window from ground level.  Abby loves this as much as I do!  I also reworked the skirt I had on the corner unit (I actually completely took it apart) & had enough to cover the end of the sewing table (which is open) & even extend it onto my scrapbooking table.

I love my roomier scrapping area and can access all my supplies so much easier.

I even had enough fabric to make a cushion cover for another stool that's working great for sewing.

I usually have a little blanket on top of those JetMax cubes for Abby.  She loves sitting there and looking out the window.

Oops, I don't know why this is so dark!  Having these tables back-to-back gives me more room for whatever I happen to be doing at the time -- I can use the entire space when I'm sewing or when I'm working on an album.

I also added another IKEA drawer unit to my scrapping desk which gives me so much more storage.

Love this large expanse of work space!

Almost everything is within arm's reach.

The Man installed this little TV and had it hooked up to Prism for me.  I really didn't think I was missing not having a TV in here; but I must admit, I'm lovin' this!

We had this under-mount TV in our kitchen in our previous home.  It's little, but it's big enough for this room.  What's really great about it is that it swivels, so I can watch it from any where in the room.  I also love that it's not taking up valuable tabletop space.

You may remember, I moved these divided JetMax cubes over here (during the last redo.....lol) to hold my scrapbook paper.  Well, I'm happy to announce that I still love this, and it is working beautifully!

Well, what do you think?  I'm not even going to promise that it will stay this way forever, but I can't really think how I could make it any better.  Well, not right now anyway!    What I really think is very interesting is that with each change, I am more creative in the space.  Does that happen to y'all?  

Anyway, I'm off to finish up our dinner before family arrives.  Hope you, too, are having a fantastic day!  Just remember, you are always welcome here any time!

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