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Hey everyone!  The last several days have been kind of a whirlwind of activities with some out-of-town family.  We had a great time, saw some sights, ate too much, DID NOT have TOO MUCH wine, and just had fun!  I was downloading photos and just decided to share some of our randomness before, during and after our company was here.
The skies opened and the angels started singing -- we finally retired our old bbq after 30+ years of great service to our family.  The old girl survived a few years in the Oregon rain and was then subjected to many years of dust storms and constant baking in the sun here in Arizona.  She was made of cast aluminum, so there was not a speck of rust, but she was not cooking very evenly anymore and having a few other struggles.  Poor thing kind of looks like the "ugly stepsister" to Cinderella, her shiny, all stainless steel replacement!


Cinderella is definitely a beauty with four cooking controls and a side burner.  We are hoping she performs as well as the faithful one she replaced.


This beauty is hanging over our back wall from the neighbor's yard.  Does anyone know what this is? A couple of people on FB thought it was a Butterfly Bush, but it really does not have the same shape flower as that bush does.  It's beautiful and I will enjoy it for as long as it wants to hang out!

Our company arrived on Wednesday -- The Man's brother and SIL.  They wanted to eat at our son's restaurant, so off to True Food we went.

True Food Kitchen in the Scottsdale Quarter
True Food is in the Scottsdale Quarter.

Just one catch -- Little Miss and Littlest Miss were there, too!  
Aack!  Littlest Miss says this all the time!

This is the Quarter's new Restoration Hardware -- yep, that sucker is 3 stories!  It is HUGE!  Not a place I shop, but it is fun to snoop around.

B & J had never been to Casa Grande Indian Ruins, so this is how we spent one of our days.  I wrote rather extensively about the ruins HERE, when we visited this amazing place with some other visitors.


Notice any similarities?  BTW, our sweet guide, Libby, was just delightful and so very well informed and knowledgeable. 

We were starving after our travels and headed for Joe's BBQ.  If you live anywhere in the Phoenix metro area, a drive over to Joe's in Gilbert is well worth the time and gas!  Sorry, I was hungry and forgot to take a pic!

I don't know about y'all, but when we've had company and enjoyed that camaraderie for a few days, it's a real let-down when they leave.  We've just kind of puttered around the house today, not really doing too much of anything.  

An idea came to me this morning over coffee for a new vignette for our breakfast table.  I used my old tool caddy, added a very old cream and sugar that had belonged to my great, great grandparents that I filled with some stainless and napkins, then added in an older salt & pepper set,

Plus some little skinny jars filled with some flower clippings.

I'm really liking how it turned out!

This is my current iPhone wallpaper -- so cute!

And this is my iPad wallpaper.  You can find these and many other selections for FREE at 
Becky Higgins Freebies.  Just scroll down to Project Life Mobile Wallpapers if you are interested.

This is kind of strange or weird, but we bought this large selection of deli meats and cheeses to have when our company was here.  Well, this morning I thought I'd better repackage it and toss this huge container that was taking up so much space in the fridge.

The tray part of the package just looked way too useful to toss, so I took it to my craft room (after a good wash, of course).

I placed a 12x12 scrapbook paper pad inside so you can see how big this tray really is.  It has just a 3/4" edge around the perimeter, so I'm thinking it will be perfect for some crafting -- you know, containing glitter, bling, or just random stuff.  I always look at things with an eye for recycling.  Do y'all do that?

Well, I have probably worn out my welcome and overloaded you with pics, but it was just that kind of day.  Oh, just so you know, I did do laundry and remake beds!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and are, hopefully, enjoying some warmer weather wherever you are.



  1. Hi Carol!

    Love that new grill! Aren't the new ones amazing? We have to get a new one in the spring and I am so excited to look. And we haven't had one here for about 10 years because we are at the lake so much in the summer so I am thrilled with the idea of some outdoor cooking during the week.

    Your son owns a restaurant!! Is he a chef? This looks fantastic. Is it a chain...it doesn't look like it. I've never been to a Restoration Hardware but I did order a pillow from them once! Ha!! It was all I could afford! lol!

    I hope you got a chance to rest up after your family left. It looks like you showed them a wonderful time! :)


  2. What a fun post. I love those random posts. Your hubby and his brother look very comforrable together-like they get along really well.
    Love your son''s restaurant and those little girls are both just adorable. What a great Restoration Hardware store. Wish we had one close by so I could just walk through it!
    Have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana

  3. Love the new grill. So glad the visit was wonderful and always sad for them to go. And, the weather was just beautiful while they were here. Enjoy.

  4. Your new BBQ is beautiful. I use mine at least 3-4 days a week, just love them in AZ. Joe's BBQ is the Best :) So funny, I was thinking about a new vignette for my table this morning but am planning on doing that after my mom goes home sometime this week. Have a super week Carol!

  5. So much good news! I know exactly how you feel about the new grill because we got one a few years ago and it was just the same. The grill we had before was also about 30 years old, and was handed down to us when my husband's parents left the US to be expatriates in 1999. They'd had it for about twenty years and we used it for a good decade after that. It was a pile of junk by the time we broke down and bought ourselves a new one, but it (mostly) worked all that time!

  6. Gosh, that's a nice one.

    Does it smell like grape soda? If it does it is a grape soda tree which can also grow like a bush if it is not pruned.

  7. Looks like you had a grand time with your family! That Restoration Hardware looks fantastic! It's so big! I think that tray will be perfect for containing glitter and lots of other stuff in the craft room. That was a good save!

  8. Such happy and delightful randomness! Your son's restaurant looks beautiful; how lucky you are to be able to enjoy his talent (and his beautiful daughters!), in your own city. You made me laugh with the similarities between your hubby and his brother!:-D How wonderful to be able to give new life to a treasured family piece, like this charming caddy! Thanks for sharing all your fun, Carol.

    Have a wonderful week!


  9. Sounds like y'all enjoyed your guests & had a wonderful visit! I can't believe that grill lasted 30 years! That's amazing!

  10. I love to look at all of your snow free pics!! So refreshing after being out in the snow today!


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