I've Been Very Spoiled

Hey everyone!  I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who wrote such sweet and very complimentary Birthday wishes to me.  Y'all really know how to make my day!  I had a really nice birthday, and The Man spoiled me even more than he normally does.  Would you like to see?

I know some of us like diamonds and pearls, and I do like those things & The Man has given me those kinds of lovelies many times in the past.  Then there are those times that you just want practical, right?  Well, that's where I was this year.  I LOVE to cook, so I wanted "appliances!"

I really wanted a NINJA, and we had seen these at Costco for a really good price.

I love that this has one unit that sits on the counter and then has all of these other attachments.  It has a blender, food processor, & individual blender cups & travel cups for smoothies.  This Bad Boy replaced my "thirty-something" blender, Cuisinart, & a very crappy smoothie maker.

These wicked-looking blades & the ones in the individual smoothie-maker attachment can actually turn ice cubes into snow!  You know how "juicing" is the new trend in health, and this machine is fabulous for that.  My most favorite attachment so far is the individual blender-cup which makes my afternoon coffee smoothie!  Yep, I'm sold on the NINJA!

The NINJA was not a surprise, but my other present was a surprise for sure!

This is the cooktop that came with the house.  It worked fine (& I love cooking on gas), but it had been badly scratched from someone (before me) trying to clean it with something very abrasive.  Those scratches were then like magnets to any spills or spatters, and I was constantly cleaning them and making little headway.  Soooo........

On my birthday, The Man announced that we were going shopping for a new stainless steel stove top!
This "beauty" is from IKEA and got installed yesterday.  It is so beautiful!

As if all the above were not enough, The Man stopped at TJ's on the way home so I could get some flowers.  He knows TJ's is my favorite store to buy fresh flowers.

TULIPS -- they just make me so happy!

My other favorite flowers are Hydrangeas, and this sweet thing was from my son and dil.

Yep, appliances and flowers -- I could not ask for anything more!

                                         Well, okay, dinner at one of my
                                      faves -- BJ's Brewhouse!          

This was my entree, and it was DELISH!

BJ's Cobbler Dessert
This was dessert which I chose prior to ordering my entree, but I actually took it home & savored every bite once I put some elastic-waist pants on......heehee!
Berry Cobbler w/Vanilla Bean Ice Cream & Spiced Pecans

Yep, becoming "65" was pretty darn sweet!

Thank you so much for indulging me and allowing me to share my Birthday "happies" with y'all!


  1. Happy belated birthday, Carol! Looks like you were one lucky lady. Love the new cooktop....definitely my kind of gift. Glad you had a fantastic day! Jane

  2. I love those kinds of gifts! I'd much rather have something for the house than diamonds or pearls. :) I can't believe all those attachments that came with the ninja! I know you'll enjoy your new stove top and your flowers are beautiful! I wish we had a TJ's here. :)

  3. Wow, you scored girl. I can't wait to see 65! Really. I am so excited about my 60th coming up. I don't think I will be treated to such yummies though! Enjoy all your gifts!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!! Wow, you did get some great gifts. Love the new cooktop, it is wonderful and so is the Ninja. Hugs, Marty

  5. Sounds like an awesome day! I didn't know Ikea sold stoves!

  6. Hi Carol,
    and belated Happy Birthday, sure sounds like you had a good one. Wow, the ninja sounds better
    than the magic bullet. I love that for the same reason, that I could just keep it on the counter and
    get rid of 2 other appliances. When it goes maybe I will try a ninja, since we shop at Sam's too.
    Bet you are thrilled with your cook top - no more scrubbing to try and keep it clean, and what lady doesn't like dinner out and flowers................sounds like a fun day to me............
    and to make your day.........I would never think you were 65..........and I am dead serious!!
    Blessings for another wonderful year hon,

  7. WOW. I've seen the Ninjas at Costco in my area also but haven't purchased one....is a bit much for one person. Love the cooktop. There is a JBs by my house too and love it. Love the flowers. Have a great weekend.

  8. You're a lucky lady! I was just discussing Ninjas with some friends the other day. I had heard they had a good price on them at Costco. Enjoy your new goodies!

  9. We have a small bullet that we love so I can just imagine what the Ninja can do. Love your stove top and I also love the tile on your backsplash.

  10. Well, Happy Birthday again and what a Great hubby you have :) That stove top looks FAB!!!

  11. I have a Ninja blender but it does not have all the attachments... Love that.. You are not spoiled just really blessed.. enjoy! Blessings!

  12. You deserve all that your getting and so much more Carol! So happy that your ecstatic dear! Enjoy !


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