A Bit of Nature and a Query.

Hey, everyone.  My blogging time lately seems to be more about trying to stay in touch with my bloggy friends & checking out their blog posts, rather than doing any new posts of my own.  That being said, here's my query.  How do all of you who have some large "Follower" bases, stay on top of staying in touch with those followers?  I feel really bad when I can't comment on my followers' posts, but it seems really daunting and very time-consuming.  Is there some trick to making it easier to be a good blog friend & still have time for other things?  I hope this doesn't sound like I'm whining because truly I'm not.  I just want to do this blogging-thing (which I love) the best way possible.  Do any of you have this same issue?  I would love to hear your thoughts & ideas.

Now, because I know most of you are visual & love pictures, here are some I took a few days ago.  For those who live in states where citrus grows, this isn't anything new to you.  For those in other parts of the country, I hope you will enjoy.  To me, this is nature at its finest.

This is one of our grapefruit trees.  The big delicious fellow is this year's yummy fruit.  If you look closely to the left, you will see some of the flowers & if you look closer still, you will see next year's baby starting to show inside those flowers

Here in Yuma, we only have this for a short while because we get so much wind.  The delicate little flowers that carry such sweet aroma throughout our neighborhoods are no match for the winds that we get here.  They do manage to hang on long enough to protect the delicate new fruit beginning to bud.

The flowers are drying up & will be quickly blown away, or washed away with the rain we just had.  The babies and their older siblings will co-exist on these trees well into the summer.  As our weather warms, the mature fruit gets juicier & juicier, making it best to peel like an orange & eat it OUTSIDE!

This is our Meyer Lemon.  This is the first year this tree will bear fruit, so you can see the teeny little lemons just barely showing within the flowers.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of desert beauty & please come again soon.  Have a great weekend!

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