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Hey everyone!  I hope ya'll had a truly wonderful Easter.  The Man was sick all last week, like stay home from work sick -- very bad cold & cough.  By Saturday, I was starting to feel the first signs of the sickness & started popping Zinc lozenges & taking extra Vit. C.  Don't know if those things work, but I know they won't hurt.  By Sunday, I was feeling worse.  Yay, Happy Easter to us!

The really bright spot of my Easter morning was a very sweet Email from Janelle @ Of Pinks and Fairytales.  She left me a message regarding my post about the blooming cactus & then added "By the way, I am passing the 'Versatile Blogger' award to you. I know you have this 'Award Free Blog' sign on your page, haha but I really love your blog so I included you in my list anyway :)  

I just thought it was so sweet of Janelle, who lives in the Philippines with her hubby and adorable little girl, Andrea, to give me this award knowing I wouldn't participate further.  I decided what I can do is encourage all of you to go visit Janelle's blog Of Pinks and Fairytales, and see for yourself just how talented she is.

I'm a bit worse today, but holding off on my judgement of the Zinc & Vit. C until I see how long it takes me to get well.  Just hung out on the sofa today, catching up on "Bethany Happily Ever-After."  Seriously, do you ever watch daytime TV?  There is nothing of any value on the tube.  Anyway, it was something to watch while I blogged & napped, but now I'm really craving "Skinny Girl Margaritas," which is Bethany's new creation that is supposed to be flying off the shelves.  What can I say, I was heavily medicated with NyQuil!  LOL!!!

I'll be playing it pretty low-key in posting for a few days, but enjoying just checking in on my blog friends.  You are all truly the best!  As always, thanks for stopping by and please come again soon.
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