It's a New Party, At Least to Me!

Hey everyone.  I was excited to find this party, & I don't know where I've been -- out to lunch, or had my head in packing boxes -- but this is a new one to me.  You should all check out Miss Sheila at NOTESONGS "HEART OF THE HOME" PARTY.  I just showed the "Work-Horse" cupboard in my kitchen, the pantry, but my favorite cupboard(s) are the side-by-side, seeded glass door-fronted cabinets where I keep my Fiesta Ware dishes.  

As you can see, these pics were taken during the holidays.  The Man installed lights inside these cupboards, so all the colors of my Fiesta really show up well.

I added some colorful cookbooks behind the plates & dessert dishes.

I always add a few extra pieces here & there just to add some interest.

You see those little drawers just below the doors.  Well, those are all real drawers.  They are perfect for recipe cards, some extra serving utensils, tealites that I use in the kitchen, napkins rings, etc., etc.  I keep my placemats & napkins in the wide drawer you can just barely see in the bottom right corner of this photo.  My Fiesta is all different colors, so I mix & match & coordinate with my placemats & napkins all right here in this one spot.

Thanks so much for stopping by & please come again soon.


  1. Now these are beautiful, especially with the lights on.

  2. The installation of lights inside the cupboard is a very unique idea. I love it!!! I also like thw white painted cupboard with all those colorful stuff inside. The pieces complemented the white cupboard. And how could I not love the extra decorative pieces too. :) Have a great day ahaed!

  3. Love your cupboards, the little drawers are great for storing all those extras!

  4. Colorful and pretty! What a great way to showcase your colorful dishes.

    ~Ricki Jill

  5. I just love glass front cabinets! The drawers are adorable. I have a desk area that has little cubbies that are about the size of your drawers. I'm wondering if I can make them drawers??

  6. Carol,
    I do think your Fiesta Ware looks terrific in the cupboard. It's nice to be able to see them through the glass too.
    Fiesta Ware just makes me smile.
    I also like Homer Laughlin Riviera dishes. My grandmother had them, and they are all mix-ey match-ey too. Plus they are beautiful.
    Yep. I'm your newest follower!

  7. Love this cabinet and your fiesta ware is showing proud!
    Those little drawers are perfect!
    Thanks for sharing and hope you will visit Lazy on Loblolly's heart of the home.
    Lazy on Loblolly

  8. Well done...love all your glass front doors!!!


  9. Oh, what beautiful cupboards you have, my dear! :) I love these and so much storage. The lights are great too and seeing your pretty dishes - my head just swims.
    Now, so you'll know, I had a Heart of the Home Party last year and it seemed to be a hit, so I had another one this year. It's a yearly party about the kitchen that I change up a little and I'm glad you found it! :)
    Thank you so much for coming to my party.
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  10. Lovely collection.... you have a great space to store them. Trish

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  12. Pure eye candy, lady. I covet your glass front cabinets.

  13. Really nice....such great storage and lighting!

  14. I am back to try one more time. I wrote from the wrong blog..one that was not even complete..just an accident so I deleted it..

    I am back to tell you what a spendid cupboard you have and that the little drawers must be so handy. The light inside makes it even more lovely. Just Wonderful!

  15. Of all the blogs I follow... you are the definitely the most organized! And you do it do nicely! I love it!


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