What's for dinner?

 Happy Saturday everyone!  I have recently realized that I don't share too many food-related posts, even though cooking is something I truly enjoy.  Well, most of the time anyway!  So I thought I'd remedy that.  The following is actually what we had for dinner last night, but didn't have time to post it yesterday.  I actually remembered to take pictures all along, 'cause I know how ya'll love pictures.  First let me share about Friday night meals around here.  I like to keep it really simple, casual & a bit fun.

One of our favorite Friday night meals is homemade pizza.  Pizza, I know, isn't necessarily one of the healthiest meals to serve, but I try to make it less unhealthy wherever I can.  I use turkey pepperoni, & it's really quite good.  I also cut back on the amount of cheese & try to use mostly white cheeses, & we've discovered we really like ricotta on pizza.  I have some great recipes for making pizza dough & they are very easy, but I usually call in the "Dough Boy" to make things even simpler!

The only problem with this short-cut is that it's rolled to be a retangular pizza, but........

.....with a bit of persuasion, I make it fit my round pizza stone.  This is the Pampered Chef stone, & I love all their stoneware.  No, I don't sell it or know anyone who does!  At this point I add the pizza sauce, to which I've already added pizza seasoning & a little red pepper -- I'm not talking enough to make it HOT, just give it a bit of zip.

Then I sprinkle on the mozzarella or pizza blend cheeses, add small dollops of ricotta & lots of the turkey pepperoni.   Into the oven it goes at 400* for about 10-15 min.  After just a couple of minutes, it 
started smelling so good, The Man and I were both hovering at the oven door!

I forgot to take a picture when it came out of the oven, so you will just have to see what was left
after we attacked it.  Hmmm, maybe dinner tonight!

Earlier in the day, I decided I wanted to make a fruit crisp for dessert.  Actually, I had seen a recipe here in blogland that I was dying to try.  You can find the recipe HERE.  I found these little, very inexpensive ramekins, at Walmart a few years ago.

I tweaked this recipe a bit.  I only used half the butter called for & slightly less brown sugar.

I also did not have whole wheat pastry flour, so I just used regular whole wheat flour.

These are the berries I had in the freezer.  This is a great combo.

I didn't thaw these & it worked fine.  I sprinkled on a scant tablespoon of sugar & some of the whole wheat flour & tossed to coat.

I divided the coated fruit between the 4 ramekins.

Divide the oatmeal/butter mixture among the 4 bowls & pop in the oven.  Within just a few minutes, my house was smelling so good.

I had to resist these little beauties all day!  Poor me!

So after our fabulously delicious pizza, we satisfied our sweet tooths with 
Berry Crisps topped with Lite Cool Whip.  Yummy, yummy, yummy, I had 
Berry Crisp in my tummy!  Guess what we're having for dessert tonight?

Hope you enjoyed my low-key Friday night meal.  Wish you could have joined us.

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