Something I will definitely miss--My Pantry!

Okay, I do have a pantry in the new house, & I know between The Man & I, it will be everything I need it to be.  It's just that what I have in our current house was designed to fit my needs & preferences.  As I ponder how I will be making the new pantry work with efficiency, I will be sharing an earlier post & happily linking up to ORGANIZING MISSION MONDAY.  It's a party all about organizing your kitchen, but Sandy at ORGANIZE WITH SANDY has a wealth of information about organizing just about anything.  Now that might not be fun to some of you or even most of you, but I do know there are plenty of us "over-the-top, crazy about organizing " bloggers out here in blogland, so go on over and check it out!  I'm also linking up to Carrie's AMAZE ME MONDAY, because Carrie is such a sweetheart & I just wanted to.  Okay?

Meet the "work-horse" of my kitchen.

This is where the refrigerator used to be before we remodeled the kitchen.  There was NO pantry & very few adequate cabinets for food storage.  I resorted to using the top half of the linen closet (in the hallway) for this purpose.  It was very inconvenient, plus the shelves were deep & I would lose things in there.  With the kitchen remodel, The Man made sure I got a great pantry.  This was the most expensive cabinet in the entire kitchen.  To see the rest of the pictures & how I organize this space, please go HERE.

Thanks for stopping by & please come again soon.  I may have another post today.  I did start my packing process this morning, & I promised I would share some of that with ya'll.  Bet you just can't wait, huh?


  1. Oh, what would I do without my pantry?!! I love it. It just holds so much stuff - and with four little children, I NEED it!!!

    I'm so glad you were able to get one with your new kitchen - and a very gorgeous one it looks too!!


  2. I do not have a pantry. So I have pantry envy. Mr. Art@Home installed a floor to ceiling cabinet in our laundry room to serve as a pantry. Most people in our neighborhood have walk-in pantries. Some even have two pantries. But not us. Nope. *sighs*

  3. Oh I bet you will have an even better one!

  4. That sweet man will have you the neatest pantry ever fixed up in that new house! I have no doubt.

  5. Thanks for the sweet words on your blog post!! I saw my name and I'm like....ahhhhh... wow!
    I'll be anxious to see your new pantry. I bet you will miss the one you have now, but how exciting to have a new home! Congrats
    Thanks for linking up to my Organizing Mission link party and giving me such an awesome shout out.


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