Do you utilize "AdSense" on your blog? Plus 2 cuties!

Hey everyone!  I actually think today may be a fairly "finally feeling normal" day for me.  Well, maybe the term "normal" is a bit strong, since I doubt I've ever been "normal." Heehee!  Anyway, I'm feeling close to being my "old self," how's that?  I certainly have a lot of catching up to do, but The Man has been so sweet & really so helpful.  There are just lots of things that are much easier to do ourselves rather than trying to explain to them how to do them.  Right?

Now on to my post question, "Do you utilize AdSense on your blog?"  I signed up for it about two months ago, & was kind of surprised at how intrusive the ads seemed to be on my post pages.  I didn't really sign up thinking I would make a bunch of money, but rather that it was a pretty painless way to make a bit of "fun" money if it actually brought in any money at all.  I have kind of gotten used to the intrusiveness (kind of) & hadn't been paying any attention to my account until yesterday.  I received a notification in the mail from Google "Google AdSense Support" & it contained my "Personal Pin #."  Well, that looked rather official, so I followed their steps to go into my account.  My account was showing that I had a whopping $6.42 amount, but that the funds are only paid out after it reaches $100.  What?  It also said the funds were frozen until I "jumped through their hoops" for tax purposes -- get a tax ID #, file this form, & on and on.  That just seems like a lot of "red tape" for the amount of money & the (cough, cough) speed at which it is accumulating.

As I write this post, I'm trying to decide if it's even worth it to have these ads on my posts.  Have any of you felt this way & what did you decide?  I know that some of my favorite sites have ads & sponsors.  I think that's great, because most of those blogs are really big & they do the linky parties & lots of give-aways.  Those bloggers spend a lot of time making things nice for a lot of other bloggers, & if they can earn some monetary reward for that, then more power to them.

As I sit here pondering this situation, I'm trying to remember if I've ever responded to one of these ads on someone else's blog.  Truthfully, I have not.  Have you?  I visit blogs to learn new things, see what my friends have been up to, & just feel a connection with a great group of people.  I do visit some of the Sponsors (if they are another blogger); but I never pay any attention to the ads, I guess because I know I can find any of those things on Google anytime I want.  So what's your take on this?  Do you blog just for fun or do you blog for fun & hope you might gain some monetary reward, too?  Do tell.

Now, because I know that a post without photos is just too blah for most of you, I'm happily sharing a couple of my latest pics of my 2 youngest "grands."

Avery at 2 months.  I could just kiss those cheeks all day long!

Flynn at 2 1/2.  Can she wear a hat or what?

I do truly hope you will let me know what your feelings are regarding AdSense.  I know I'm pretty close to pulling-the-plug, but I do very much value your opinions.  Anyway, hope you are having a wonderful day, thanks for stopping by and please come again soon.
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