"Hey, I didn't sign over the rights to these photos!"

My mom didn't even ask if it was okay to show my pretty little face all over blogland.  She seems to think that just because she lets me cuddle in her lap, always makes sure I have food and clean water, and scoops my "*^%*^^" that she can take and post photos of me whenever she wants to.  She and I are going to have to have a serious discussion.  But I guess  I'll let you see my "preciousness," just once!

Sorry about the quality of these first few photos, but my mom had to take some photos of photos that were already in "My Album!"  I'm so S.P.E.C.I.A.L.!  And darn cute!

I was soooo.....little.  Mom and Dad found me at our local Humane Society in a cage with about 15 other kitties.  I was the only light-colored one with big blue eyes.  I was the smallest, but I was standing with my front paws on the cage saying "Pick me, pick me!" And they did!

Mom and Dad kept saying, "Abby, get down.  That is a faux bird."  Heck, what's a faux bird?  It had feathers and it was in a birdcage, for crying out loud.  I was in "hunter-mode!"

I thought I was being sneaky about investigating this pot.

You remember I said I was really little?  Well, I was also too young to not have my birth mom.  Once I was removed from the cage with all the other kitties, I started getting cold & got very lethargic, but I was smart, too.  I kept going to the kitchen & laying on the rug in front of the refrigerator until Mom caught on.  Then she pulled out the heating pad & I was a happy camper after that.  She always kept it right next to her;  I liked that, too!

My mom even had to feed me with a baby bottle.  I needed kitten formula for a couple of weeks.  Mom and I really did some bonding during that time.  I didn't really like it when she made me go down for naptime in the bathroom, but she put this heating thing in my bed, so it was almost instant slumber-time for me.

This is me when I got a little bigger.  Mom and Dad always made me wear a collar with a bell, because they said I was like a "stealth-kitty."  I guess that means I could sneak up on them.  Oh, the good 'ole days!

Now I'm about 6 years old.  I've mastered the art of sleeping with my eyes only half-closed.

Mom hasn't mastered snapping photos fast enough, that's for sure.  Yeah, I can keep her snapping all day long and I know just when to move a bit to blur her picture.  Who rules here, anyway?

I do things like this just to give Mom a good laugh during the day.  This is actually a hole for computer cords, but it works so much better for playing "peek-a-boo."

Yep, behind bars!  This usually means I'm off to the Vet where I get boarded when Mom and Dad feel the need to go see those little annoying things they call "grandkids."  Aren't I enough?


I can do really "super-cute" like nobody's business!

This was like my one and only visit outside.  I always want to go out, but noooooo!

I like to pitch-in anywhere I can.  Here I'm a stand-in bookend.  Good job, huh?

This is just one of my beds.  I love having options!

But, I can actually sleep anywhere, anytime!

I do try to be lady-like, but sometimes............!

Well, I'm sure you would love to see a lot more photos of me, but I don't want my mom to get a 
"big-head" showing me off.  Although, I am pretty adorable, don't you think?  Anyway, Mom says thanks for stopping by and please come again soon.  See ya!

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  1. oh my goodness! I was finally able to click and leave a comment! Great blog :)

  2. How sweet! She really is pretty with those big blue eyes. THanks Cas for sharing your little precious with Lucy and the rest of these pets..come to think of it, none have signed a release! LOL

  3. Oh Abby you are a beautiful child!

  4. Adorable is right...you are a beautiful cat!!! Glad you have your all trained and stuff!!! You sure got a good one!!!
    Have a beautiful day!!!

  5. Abby, you are so lovely. But I must ask you because I do not have a cat of my own: why are cats so fascinated with boxes?

  6. Well hello there, I had no idea you had a fur baby. She is a cutie, and I can tell she is not spoiled at all! Soo glad ya'll came to Debbie's pet party. I have never had a cat, only dogs, so I don't know much about them. They seem to be really interesting. Love that you got her from the shelter! That is the same as rescuing as far as I am concerned.

  7. Abby is precious, what a pretty face and gorgeous color. She sounds like a joy to have around.

  8. So sweet, pretty color fur and eyes. Always so fun to have cats in a house.

  9. I love how she was a stand-in bookend. I could hardly see her, lol!



  10. I've never been a cat person but she's cute!

  11. Thanks for following! I will try to recreate the camera bag and post...it was kind of a made up design but it has really worked out great. Your photos of your sweet animals are precious! Have a super Mother's Day too!

  12. The porthole image is my favorite. I hope you'll submit it to one of the feline publications. It's brilliant. Thank you, peace,


  13. Cute Abby, I LOVE cats, and yours is sooo cute! Not to mention your cute pictures and funny captions!
    Thanks for sharing. I want to be a LOVED cat in my next life, don't they rule the home!

  14. I think that photo of sleeping with eyes half closed is so cute!! Made me smile :)


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