To All Women, Mothers or Not, Enjoy this Special Day!

This is a heart-felt message to all of my bloggy friends, those I've met and the ones I hope to meet soon.  I don't believe you have to have birthed a child,  adopted one, or even need to have one in your life to still receive the title of "MOM."  I believe that any woman who takes care of her family in whatever capacity that may be, is a "Mom."  Those of us who do have children, sometimes feel that should be the desire of every other woman, but that's not true.  I believe we each have to choose our own path.

I knew from the time I was a very young child that I wanted to someday be a "Mom."  My desire came from watching and being close to my grandmother.  I looked to her as my example of what a mother should be and how she should treat her children.  My own mother truly did not like being a mother and made that very clear to me at a very tender age.  My grandparents always lived close, I think because they felt they needed to protect me and show me what "love" really was suppose to be.  I'm so grateful that I had both my grandparents during what was a very dark time in my life.  I knew from being with these dear sweet people that I wanted to be a "Mom" someday, and I knew my children would never want for love.

My Mom was a woman who should never have had children.  I think at the time, there was so much pressure to have children -- it was what was expected of you.  I'm glad that women today can choose which path they want to take.

I am grateful every single day that I found (or he found me) a sweet and kind man to spend my life with. I am grateful that in the very early years, when my body didn't want to cooperate in making a baby, that we were united in our desire to be parents however that needed to happen.  I am grateful that we didn't give up, and were then blessed with first our beautiful daughter and then our wonderful son.  I am so grateful for the many exciting years we had with them growing up, even with a few ups and downs.  I am so grateful that they both found that wonderful love for themselves that they saw in their father and me.  I am so grateful that they, too, chose to have children and bestow on each and everyone, that wonderful "unconditional" love that parents should have.

I am truly blessed to have had my wonderful Grandmother (and Grandfather) who taught me how to love.  I now understand that bond that we shared.  Being a grandmother myself, of 6, I would lay down my life in a heartbeat to protect them.  They are my own children's precious children which makes the knot around my heart even tighter.

So again I say, choose your own path.  I can't imagine my life without my children, but I do truly believe that it's not for everyone.  But, if it is your desire and there are obstacles in the way, just don't give up.  I applaud each and every woman I know for who you are and pray you always stay true to yourself.

I wish you all a very Happy Mother's Day!


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