Yep, it's ME!

No, you didn't get yourself into the wrong blog.  It's definitely me.  Just decided I needed a change in my look.  Last Friday I had an appointment with my great hairdresser, for just a haircut.  But....the night before, I decided I not only wanted a new haircut but a new color, too!  I used to be a redhead until about ten years ago & just started going more blonde & then all-of-a-sudden, it was all blonde.  I was starting to feel washed out with the blonde, but not feeling too washed out now.  LOL!!  My hairdresser has always said I should have been a redhead because of my coloring.  I didn't remember how much greener my eyes are with the red.  And yes, The Man is getting used to it!  He would never say, even if he hated it (but I would know).  But he does keep looking at me with a bit of a grin and extra twinkle in his eyes.  Maybe he's just imagining a new and strange woman in his house.  LOL!!!  It's fun to still surprise him even after almost 42 years of marriage.

I guess my message today could be to not get stuck in-a-rut.  We all like to change up our home decor, so why not ourselves, too.  Hope you are having a great Monday.  Thanks for stopping by and please come again soon.
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