How Our Sunroom has Evolved

Wow, I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am with this HUGE party!  I'm soaking up ideas like a sponge.  I set up Pinterest just in the nick-of-time to have a great place to save all the wonderful ideas & there are a TON!  If you haven't checked out this Blog Party or posted to it, you simply must do that -- don't miss out on the fun.

Our sunroom has become one of our most favorite rooms in the house & is always in-use when we have company and entertain.  It didn't start out as a very user-friendly space, however.  Unfortunately, I wasn't blogging back then & taking "step-by-step" photos of this remodel;  but it was a simple screened-in patio in the beginning.  Nothing was safe in the space because it was either way too hot or so windy that all surfaces were constantly covered in dust.  It took some convincing, mainly in the form of whining, but The Man finally relented & agreed to enclosing this space.  His main requirement was that it have as many windows as possible to allow light into the rest of the house.  We bought super-insulated windows, had them installed, and away we went.

I truly am a very, very lucky lady to be married to a multi-talented (not to mention sweet, kind & loving) man.  The first thing he did was put in the tile flooring, doing a much better job than the professionals who did tile work in other parts of the house.  We have been so happy with this tile choice & love the darker wall tiles for accent.

The Man also built this large closet which you've already seen numerous times, so I'll spare you.

At this point we weren't exactly sure how we wanted to use this room, so we just used some odds and ends of furniture, including an outdoor glider.  We lived with "lack of decor & room personality" for several months before making some furniture purchases.

Oh my, how embarrassing!  By-the-way, the white wicker chair is the one I also posted about for this party earlier in the week.  First it was white, then red & now black.

The walls started out white, but we realized that was way too stark, so we painted them a soft buttery yellow.  I was using this little leather chair & ottoman early on, but didn't want to have leather in this space that gets so much sunlight.  Abby liked it, though!

Finally we decided on some furniture.  Bought the sofa (it's so comfy), a little glider rocker for me, and a bar table for having meals out here.

The bookcase had been residing in our bedroom, but I decided to move it to this little corner.  It was already this sage green, so the color was perfect.

We had this huge mirror that was in this house originally over a bar area, which is now our dining room. We started to get rid of it several times, but just didn't do it.  The Man knew I had always wanted a mantle to decorate, so he attached the mirror to the wall, framed it out, & added the decorative mantle below it.  The corbels had actually been on our house in Scottsdale, but we removed them to update the roof-line.  Amazing that we still had those kicking around in the garage, but we both liked the shape, just not on the outside of the house.

I hung some hand-painted (by The Man's aunt) plates.  They were perfect for this space. 

The view from our bedroom.

This became my happy little blogging spot last September.

The Man made the window sills nice and wide for plants.  I haven't had a plant that didn't do extremely well in this space.

Our sunroom was finished before we did the backyard landscaping, but once that was finished, both spaces just enhanced each other.

This is an old sewing machine cabinet that my MIL gave me.  It has made a perfect side table, & as long as I keep it oiled, it seems to do fine in all the sunlight.

The Man is already talking about making a sunroom at the new house.  I'm all for that!  It is just such an "easy livin" kind of space.  I hope you've enjoyed the tour, and as always, thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love the sun room, that is where I spend my time also. Great space you have:)

  2. I wish I had sun up here in the NW to have a sun room, I just love yours, I will be dreaming away that I am there with you sippen on some ice tea!

  3. This looks like a perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee and lots of blogging!! blessings ~ tanna

  4. Thanks for stopping by the2seasons. I LOVE Skinny Girl Margaritas. It's my drug of choice!!!! Now, instead of taking a bottle of wine to a hostess for a party or dinner, I take a bottle of Skinny Girl, and they love me for it. Just make sure you add a wedge of fresh lime to your drink and dip your rim in lime juice and salt. That enhances the fresh taste.

  5. It's gorgeous! I always wanted a sunroom :) Thanks for stopping in, so wonderful to meet you!
    Take care

  6. Hi Cas, I love your sun room and the adjoining patio. What a great place you have created.

  7. You have done a great job! Thanks for visiting my blog & following me! I am now following you too!
    Looking forward to getting to know you!

  8. The Man did a great job! What a lovely space!

  9. Wonderful view from your bed room. I found a child giraffe from your home, so cute it is!

  10. Thanks, everyone, for all your nice comments. I truly appreciate each and every one.
    xoxo, CAS

  11. Hi CAS, the sunroom is very nice! I'd love to have one as well.

  12. Cas,
    Your sunroom and patio area are fabulous! I've always wanted a sunroom but so far, no such luck!
    You're lucky to have a "handy" man, I've always wanted one of those too! Thanks so much for visiting, I'll be coming by often!

  13. What a lovely room! I know you must really enjoy it! Happy week!...hugs....Debbie

  14. What an inviting room, Cas. It looks very comfortable and multi-functional. I love the faux mantel, it certainly looks like a great place to blog :).

  15. I love the birds in the circular frames. Happy 4th!

  16. Wow! Your sunroom has definitely evolved from simple to grand. I love sunrooms so much! In fact, whenever I visit my friends’ home, I always appreciate and compliment their sunrooms. Perhaps it’s because those particular spaces are the most welcoming. :]

    - Terence Watthens


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