Our Anniversary dinner

Wow, I think I have the very best "bloggy" friends, seriously THE BEST!  Thanks to all who left such sweet comments about my anniversary.  I spent most of the day packing &/or cleaning & weeding out, so when The Man called & asked where I wanted to go for dinner, I was very tempted.   But I already had an idea for a simple dinner that we both really enjoy, so I said I'd prefer to eat in.  Since blogging time has been so limited, plus nothing to blog about, I decided to put together a little "dinner-for-two" tablescape.  Please bear in mind, that all the china, stemware, candles, vases & pretty much everything beyond the basics have been packed, so I was doing the "minimalist-thing" for this dinner.  Even the dining room table has been covered with sheets & has become the staging ground for things to be packed -- no, not pretty!

At least I hadn't packed these pretty placemats & matching napkins that I got on sale at Tuesday Morning a few months ago.  There is also a matching tablerunner & they reverse to a sweet little check.  They are made by Waverly, so the quality of the fabric is very nice.  Anyway, I pulled some FiestaWare that worked, went to the yard & cut some stems from the Vincas & stuck them in a small glass (remember, all vases are packed).   

A candle would have been nice -- oh, right, they are packed!  

I used some jute twine for a napkin ring because.......well, you know!

I just love this toile print.  

My little stemless wine glasses will be the last things to get packed.....because, well, you know a little "vino" is good for the soul & the nerves.  I just can't drink wine from a water glass, can you?

I served tortellini with a marinara sauce, Italian bread, & this salad.    

This is my own concoction of ingredients & is our absolute favorite salad.  I use baby greens &/or spinach, chopped apple, dried cranberries, crumbled bleu cheese (feta or goat are other options), & glazed pecans (if I have them).  I toss it with a dressing that I also concocted using olive oil, Balsamic vinegar, red wine, orange juice, honey, salt & pepper.  I just make this up as I go, so there is no actual recipe with amounts -- sorry.  We have this often as a meal by adding chopped chicken.  This is soooo good!

The Man had already started when I grabbed the camera to take this picture, so only my setting was available for a photo-op.  The Man doesn't quite get the whole "take a picture of every single detail thing" that we bloggers do....lol!

Anyway, we had a nice & quiet Anniversary dinner & enjoyed every morsel.

Many of you have asked how things are going with our house sale & moving, etc;  I'm not trying to be vague, but there are things I'm not at liberty to discuss just yet.  I'll just say we are moving in a positive direction on everything, & ya'll will be some of the first to hear as soon as I am able to share.  I truly do appreciate all your kindness & words of encouragement.  Again I say, "I have the BEST bloggy friends!"

Thanks for stopping by, & please continue to hang in there with me.  I do prowl around blogland when I need a break, but haven't had time to do much commenting.  Hope ya'll understand.  I truly miss it!  That's it for now.  Thanks for stopping by and please stop by again soon.

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