So Proud of Us!

Hey everyone.  Still chaotic around our home-front, but wanted to share this special day.  The Man & I are celebrating our 42nd Anniversary on June 14th!  Sometimes it seems the time has flown by, but other times, it seems to have been way too long....lol!!!  Mostly just kidding!  Life hasn't always been easy, and there have been many hurdles along the way;  but we have stayed strong together & weathered whatever storms have arisen.  That's why I say I am proud of US.  All of the following photos are photos of photos, so the quality isn't great.  I pulled all these pages from our first family album -- my first scrapbooking attempts.  I have gotten much better at this scrapbooking-thing in the last couple of years!

Me and my dress!  Oh, to be that "teeny" again!  Would you believe the dress was only $148.00?

The happy couple.  Oh my, how young we were!

The inlaws & the outlaws!  They are all gone from us now.

My grandparents -- the sweetest two people ever!  They were with us long enough to get to know & share their love with their first great-granddaughter & only great-grandson.

Off we go to Canada for our honeymoon!  We drove all the way to Bremerton, WA (which would be our first home) in these clothes........hum, do you think anyone knew we were newlyweds, lol!!!

And here we are today! Well, actually this was last year's pic, but this is as good as it's gonna get!

Hope you enjoyed this stroll down "Memory Lane."  Thanks for stopping by and please come again soon.

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