The Long-Awaited Patio-Major Transformation


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This is the Before & After of our backyard that was literally years in the creating, but well worth the wait.  Sadly, though, it is also the backyard we will soon be leaving as we prepare to move.  But I still wanted to participate in this party and share this major transformation.  We are proud of the work we did.

Embarrassing!  It was a desert wasteland! 

We enclosed the screened patio & turned it into a wonderful sunroom about two years ago.

The Man laid out stakes & created a plan for the landscapers to follow.  When I say he created a plan, I'm talking about a hand-drawn, detailed on graph paper layout.  The landscaper was thrilled -- he usually has to do that part of it & trying to capture someone's verbal description of their vision is not always easy.

It was such a happy day when this little Ditch Witch arrived on the scene.  

But now it's time to cut to the good stuff........!  It's impossible to get a picture of the entire space, so I'll just show it in sections.

The pergola (designed & built by The Man) has grapes growing up both sides.  This is our conversation area & also has a firepit.  The raised area to the right is for a "someday" outdoor kitchen.  The barbecue and a table for food prep reside there for now.

Yes, that would be me enjoy my morning brew & the newspaper.

That's a kumquat tree on the right & a fig in the back corner.

I change out this basket for each season.

The Man doing some cleanup.  We get lots of wind here, so this outdoor vacuum is perfect.  He really likes that this is pretty much the extent of his yard work!

We love the pavers.  They are easy to walk on and everything sits solid & doesn't wabble.

Looked for a long time for a fountain that met with our vision.  Just love the sound of it.  That is a cocktail peach tree on the left.  It has 4 different varieties of peaches that grow very well here in Yuma.  We had peaches the first year we planted it.

The garden shed was one of The Man's creations from start to finish.  It turned out exactly like we wanted & has become quite the conversation piece.  I love adding wreaths or swags to the doors that fit the current season.

Love this umbrella with the solar lights.

The tree to the right of the fountain is an Arizona Sweet -- good for juicing or just eating.

Abby would love to come out here and play, but she's been de-clawed so has to remain inside.  We allowed her out here once & she spent the whole time looking up at the top of the wall -- made me way too nervous.

Fall has arrived!

One last look at the over-all picture.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.  It was a lot of work, but worth the effort.  Besides, now we have lots of ideas of things to do (and not do) at the new house.

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