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Hey everyone!  Sorry I've been away for so long, but, as I said in one of my last "real" posts, there were too many "irons in the fire" and little time for blogging.  Well, things are still very chaotic and busy, and I still don't have much time for blogging.  I did, however want to "catch" you up on some of what's going on.

This is what went up in front of our home in late January.

In February, we made several trips to the Phoenix area, and after "kissing a few too many frogs," we found this.......

I'll be happily sharing lots of photos of the new house later.  
It felt like a perfect fit for The Man and I, as well as a wonderful gathering place for our rather large family.  Everything went along very smoothly until the very end of "closing" and then a few "snafoos" emerged.  It was hard on these "old nerves" at the time, but we just knew it would all work out.
In the meantime, I started doing a lot of this........

Keeping a good record of each box's contents as I packed away things that I felt we could do without for a few months.

Have used a lot of this.......

Attempted to store the packed boxes where they would be out of the way & not be offensive to any potential buyer of our home.

I actually felt pretty good about just getting my "decor" closet packed up, but then I downloaded a "whole house photo inventory" that I took just before I began the packing process.  Looking at all that "stuff" that would have to get packed was very overwhelming.  I decided to go ahead and pack as much as I could contain in an area of our garage, again trying to keep it from looking messy.  Here is what that looks like.....

In the meantime, we have finally "closed" on our new home in Gilbert.  Our realtor was sweet enough to take this photo of The Man & I putting our "John Hancocks" on the dotted lines!

And now, almost five months since we signed our "listing" contract, we finally have a BUYER for the Yuma house!  Woohoo!!!!  

 I would throw out some confetti, except then I would have to clean it up!  I did open one of my favorite wines.........Cheers, everyone!

Now my packing efforts have moved into full-swing, and I can put boxes wherever I need.  My dining room is almost completely finished, and now I am working on our bedroom & my studio.  What's really nice is that lots of things that are in drawers, can stay there.  We just have some of this "shrink-wrap" stuff to keep them from coming open.

My sunroom is pretty much packed away now, except for my plants.  It's a good holding spot for packed boxes & I'm using the counter in the sunroom closet to contain a lot of my packing needs.

I've gotten most things off the walls, & now The Man can fill/patch holes and do some touchup painting.

I've left a lot of my kitchen to do at the last, but have gotten a good start packing things that I know I can do without for a little bit of time.  I may be resorting to using a lot these...........

so I can get my dishes packed.  Dishes & all things "glass" take the longest to pack, & I need to be very thorough.  I DO NOT WANT BREAKAGE!

We are going to be renting one of these.........

Moving truck towing your vehicle

to take some things over to the new house - only ours will be hauling The Man's little Mustang.   We've hired a mover, but there are things they cannot move - like paints, garden chemicals, household cleaners, etc. - so we will be taking those things, along with as many things as we can handle ourselves.  Professional movers also require that all boxes be sealed, & I have several boxes that are holding things that are too big to go into a closed box.

Abby climbs into any unsealed box that she finds.  I guess she wants to be certain that she doesn't get left behind.  Fat chance of that happening!

We move in 3 weeks - YIKES - back to the packing boxes!  I hope you didn't mind my little "getting you caught up" session.  I've really missed blogging, but just know I will soon be back on a regular basis with lots of new things to post about.  I'm planning to take lots of pics of our new home during our "U-haul run" in another week or so.  I'll be so excited to share those with all of you.  Thanks for stopping by and for hanging in there with me.  Ya'll are the best!

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  1. I'm so glad things worked out for you and the new house and that you got the one in Yuma sold. I bet you can't wait until this is all over with. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello Cas! I can't wait for the picture of your new home. Enjoy unpacking and decorating :)

  3. You poor thing, the older I get the more I hate moving! It is a big job. But you have given us something to look forward to-can't wait to see you decorate a new place!

  4. Congrat's on getting that quick sell on your old house! Can't wait to see the new one.

  5. Moving Yuk! Keep your sense of humor, it is so much work to move. I just did it 2 years ago and my back is still reminding me of it!
    Take care of yourself!

  6. Very exciting! Congrats on your new home and the sale of your existing home! Wishing you a very smooth move:@)

  7. Glad you checked in. I'm anxious to see more of the new house!!

  8. Very glad that you got the old house sold and the new one closed! That's quite an achievement these days! Your picture of the packing tape reminded of our last move. The sound of the tape drove me crazy (I know you know what I mean!) Can't wait to see the inside of your new house.

  9. One WORD...
    O R G A N I Z ED, and that's what you are! WOW!! I bet the move process will go extremely smoothly due to your organized nature. You just saved yourself a ton of time by taking the time to label and box things together properly. Good for you!! Congrats on the closing. You two look so cute...love that picture!

    Best of luck with the move. Keep hydrated in that hot AZ heat. I can't wait to see the inside. XOXO ~Liz

    P.S. We used to live in Gilbert in the 90's.

  10. Whew! I'm tired just reading this post! :-) You are one incredibly organized lady and seeing all of those boxes neatly stacked was impressive. Congrats on the sale of your home and the purchase of the one and thanks for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday!


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